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What are the main reasons for population increase today in the world?


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1. a high Birth Rate..

2. a realitvely lower Death Rate..

3. Immigration..

4. Agriculture.

5. Hierarchical societies as the dominant organization.

6. Low quality manufactured products that do not last.


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The rapid increase in population without any control is called non-natural increase in population.In our present world today there is a sign of non-natural increase in population .It happens when the death rate of people is considerably low as compared to the birth rate of humans.

The increase in population after World War 2 was called the baby boom

today there are about 1000 panda population in the world. most of them live in China.

As of today, the world population is estimated to be over 7.1 billion people.

today there are less than 10,000 wolves in the world.

World population and lifestyle.

The world population of people is 7,277,477,169 8:00am today population: 7,277,706,325 10:00am today population: 7,277,504,289 12:00pm today population: 7,277,204,430 2:00pm today population: 7,277,328,302 4:00pm: 7,277,302,242 6:00pm: 7,277,403,430 7:00pm: 7,277,482,330 8-9:00pm: 7,277,293,302 12:00am tomorrow population: 7,277,209,360

When the hunters and gatherers became farmers the food security of the world population did increase.

In 1960, the population of the world was 3.03 billion people. By 1970, the population had increased to 3.7 billion and by 1980, the world population was 4.45 billion.

Increasing the amount of people in the world.

improved medicine and sanitation an increase in food production increase of average life expectancy

Increases in population is a major issue for world powers. Depopulation occurs, such as the increase in viruses and poisoning basic human needs such as food and water. Therefore, population cannot increase indefinitely as it also decreases indefinitely.

if history repeats itself... genocide.

The CIA World Fact Book estimates the current Spanish population at 40,525,002.

about 25% of the population of the world.

there are 250,00 hippoptamus left in the world today

Global population began to spike upward in 1750. The world population in 1750 was 125 million. Today, the world population is 7 billion.

Atleast 250,00 hippos are left in the world today

In 1950, there were 2,556,000,053 people in the world. Today, there are over 7 billion people in the world.

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