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1) Aroma, competiveness, strength, compassion, and a good sex drive. 2) I think being confident (not arrogant), funny (but not goofy) and being fun to be around is the perfect mix. 3.) honest look and romantic attitude.

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Is there sexual tension between edward and Bella?


What is the relationship between a hero and his comic foil?

Charged with sexual tension.

How did Fitzgerald use weather to reflect the mood of the story?

when its raining their is sexual tension between daisy and gatsby

How do you release sexual tension?

Get laid!

How do you relieve sexual tension?


Are fragrances proven to provoke sexual tension?


How to get extra sexual tension?

Viagra would do the trick.

Are Kate Beckett and Richard Castle in love in the show Castle?

It's hard to say, although there is that unresolved sexual tension between the two.

Why do you think gatsby left nicks house and reentered after daisy arrived?

Because he couldn't handle all the sexual tension between him and Nick.

Mother and son gagged and bound by burglars creating sexual tension between them. what can you do?

Absolutely nothing sexual. This is a bizarre happening and weird in the respect of sexual tension built upon being tide up and gagged by burglars. This is the sort of thing that may be played out in a fantasy but not for real. I would expect you to call for help once you had found a way of de-gagging yourself.

Is it possible to feel a mutual sexual tension?

dont think soo

Are there similarities between birds and mammals have?

yes, both are warm blooded and both use sexual reproduction to produce.

How do you stop sexual tension for someone you slept with?

well its pretty hard talking about it seam to either do one of two things 1 gets u laid again or 2 dims out the sexual tension

What is the primary difference between bacterial sex and sexual reproduction in plants and animals?

Bacterial sex is like asexual reproduction. It means that 2 living organisms dont have to have sexual intercourse to produce offspring. Sexual reproduction is when they do.

Why can't men make friends with a married woman?

Sexual tension, between all parties involved (husband, wife, and male friend), causes stress on the relationship. When this tension does not exist then a male can be friends with a married woman. Are there other reasons?

What are the similarities between sexual and asexual reproduction?

* Involves at least one parent * Plants and animals involved. [some are sexual while others are asexual] * Produce offspring * Forms of reproduction

Is eclipse by Stephenie Meyer appropriate for kids?

Sure it is! In all books, there is quite a sexual tension, but it's still okay for kids. Sure it is! In all books, there is quite a sexual tension, but it's still okay for kids.

Does sexual reproduction produce exact copies?

No, sexual reproduction does not produce exact copies. Sexual reproduction is the combination of two different genetic codes, creating a completely unique life form. Asexual reproduction does produce exact copies.

Are pigs sexually or asexually?

Sexually , because asexually mean they bud and sexually means they produce off of sperm and an egg. Pigs are sexual, not asexual. If they were asexual there would be no distinctive males or females--they would be sexless. They are sexual, meaning there are distinctive sexual differences between males and females, and they can also mate to produce piglets.

Is being naked a good way to ease sexual tension?

Only if you are doing it with your spouse or alone, not in a sexual relationship with a person you are not married to. Then it is sin.

What were the national holidays in 1908?

really sexual science party really sexual science party

Is it normal for women to have sexual tension everyday?

They are depending upon stimulating and excitation level.

Does the word produce have any female sexual connotations?

Females can produce offspring. That's about it.

What processes produce genetic diversity?

sexual reproductioncross breedinggene swapping between the pair of chromosomes during meiosisetc.

Fungi are classified by the way they what?

Produce sexual spores