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Q: What are the major courses of Princeton university?
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What types of courses are offered online from Princeton University?

There are no accredited courses offered online from Princeton University. However, certain courses are videotaped and maybe available at the professor's discretion.

What does Princeton University specialize in?

Princeton University does not major in just one thing. In order to be accepted, you have to have good grades on everything. (:

Can you create your own major in Princeton University?


Can you double major in Princeton University?

According to what I just read on the website, no.

What GPA is required to get into Princeton University?

Princeton University does not have a specific GPA requirement. Instead, they look at how students have excelled within their particular schools and communities. They look at the courses taken, if the student has taken honors or advanced placement courses, extra-curricular activities, leadership activities, etc.

Well known major for Princeton university?

Princeton University is well known for its Mathematics majors. It is also well known for its Physics, Economics, and Computer Science departments.

Is there a Princeton university campus in Paris?

No, the Princeton University campus is in Princeton, NJ USA.

What does Princeton specialize in?

Princeton University does not specialize in any one course of study. This college has courses in humanities, engineering, natural sciences, and social sciences. It is an Ivy league college

When was Princeton University created?

Princeton University was created in 1746.

What is the acres Princeton University?

The main campus of Princeton university, in Princeton Boro and Princeton Township, covers about 600 acres.

Who was the first president to be president of a major university?

I think Dwight Eisenhower was the first to be president of a major university, namely Columbia University, Woodrow Wilson was president of Princeton when it was just starting to become a university but it is questionable that is was a major university when he was president of it.

What was Michelle Obama's major in college?

Her major at Princeton University was Sociology. She also studied African-American history.

What is the nickname for Princeton university?

The nickname for Princeton University is Old Nassau.

What was cost of Princeton University in 1980?

what was the tuition at princeton university in 1980

What are some major colleges in New Jersey?

Rutgers UniversityMontclair State UniversitySeton Hall UniversityPrinceton UniversityMonmouth UniversityUniversity of Medicine and Dentistry

How many courses does The University of Florida offer?

All major courses are offered at The University of Florida excluding meterology. If you want to study meteorology you'll have to go to The University of Miami.

Can I take an online IT course through Princeton University?

Princeton does indeed offer online courses. They also have courses available related to the computer and technology field, although not specifically called IT in the course description. Registration for online courses is the same as it is for every other course and depends on the term.

What is the cost of books at Princeton University?

What is the cost of books at Princeton University?1,569

Is Princeton University a state school?

No, Princeton University is a private educational institution.

Who attended Princeton university in the 1700s?

Did John Garnett attend Princeton University?

Is Princeton a state university or private school?

Princeton University is a private school.

When was Princeton University Press created?

Princeton University Press was created in 1905.

When was Princeton University Band created?

Princeton University Band was created in 1919.

When was Princeton University Chapel created?

Princeton University Chapel was created in 1928.

Is Princeton a naval academy?

No. Princeton is a university.