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destroyed houses,buildings,and buisnesses or worse people destroyed houses buildings buisnesses or worse people


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caveins, gasses, and earthquakes

Major Earthquakes are Caused By Underground earthquakes and Underground volcanoes

No. Just last June 355 perished and almost 200 million were evacuated from major

Earthquakes are dangerous because they can cause buildings to collapse and kill or injure people.

*volcanoes Earthquakes and vOlcanoes can cause much damage among an area if it's shaken to pieces.

it can destroy buildings and could lead to death

There are earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, mud slides, and heavy rains in Italy.

the dangers of living on the ring of fire is that 90% of all earthquakes and volcanoes occur here.

it can cause small earthquakes if i is not drilled right

Bombs, guns, Taliban, earthquakes, poverty etc.

earthquakes that immediately follow a major earthquake are called "aftershocks" as to small earthquakes before large earthquakes are called "foreshocks".

Yes the smaller earthquakes that immediately follow major earthquakes are known as aftershocks.

Examples: floods, earthquakes, droughts, landslides.

Yes, earthquakes cause major disasters all over the world.

Most injures and deaths due to earthquakes are not directly caused by the movement of the ground. People also get injured or killed by collapsing buildings and other structures and by fires.

Earths Major Earthquakes are caused by faulting of rock in earth's crust.Hope this helps

He saw that faults were a major cause cause of earthquakes

No major earthquakes were reported for Japan in 1970.

Of course! In fact, underwater earthquakes are a major cause of tsunamis.

No single change occurs before all earthquakes.

You can die, or can cause a major lethality.

About 3 major earthquakes have happened in these recent years including japans earthquake/tsunami.

A major landform in the state of Illinois is earthquakes.

Scientists study volcanoes an earthquakes in order to better understand them and therefore help predict potential dangers. There is also the matter of simple human curiosity.

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