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There are many differences between Java and other programs, as there are also similarities: - managed code: java does not produce native code, but some byte code that will make it runnable in something called "virtual machine". The best thing about that: compile on windows and deploy that application on UNIX. - full object oriented -- even more than C++ where global variables are possible. Here, in java, everything must take place in an object - works on many operating systems. - a lot of technologies grouped in J2EE, that covers many the aspects of enterprise programming - servlets, jsp, ejb, jdbc to access the database, etc. The list is huge, I don't want to get in too much detail about that.

I guess it features some of the most mature technologies on the market.

Answer to: which programming language is more robust C sharp or Java?While I generally prefer "C" as a more robust language, I also consider anything that is released by Microsoft to be unreliable and likely to fail. Java is the product of Sun Microsystems, and has a very good reputation. While I'm not a Java programmer, I have heard nothing but good reports about Java. Answer to: why is Java more secure than other languagesJava is considered more secure than other languages for several reasons:
  • The Java compiler catches more compile-time errors; other languages (like C++) will compile programs that produce unpredictable results.
  • Java does not allocate direct pointers to memory. This makes it impossible to accidentally reference memory that belongs to other programs or the kernel.
  • ... (can't think of anything else off the top of my head)
Answer to: what is the difference between .net javaThe Major Difference between .Net and Java is

1)Java is a purely Platform independent means the application that will work in any kind of Operating System.But .Net is platform independt software.

2).Net support to develop application in different languages and to develop application Rapidly. This feature is not exist in Java

Answer to why is Java more popular than CA long time ago, many people believed Java was slower than C because Java had to run through a virtual machine. Today however, Time and speed aren't really affected by the programming language or the used technology as much as affected by memory cards capacity and processors speed (Clock rate). Hench programmers and developers started looking for the most powerful yet easy to 'learn and work with' programming language. And there came Java with the multi-platform support, Object oriented methodology and other great capabilities and features.

On the other hand, General Purpose applications are still developed using C++ because it doesn't need any intermediate software to run.

and i think that java it's been improved everyday by the newest releases of the implementation of the virtual machine.

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Q: What are the major differences between Java and other popular programming languages?
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