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What are the major differences between a plant cell and an animal cell?



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One of the primary differences between animal and plant cells is that plant cells have a cell membrane made up of cellulose. This helps the plant cells to allow high pressure to build inside of it, without bursting. A plant cell has to be able to accept large amounts of liquid through osmosis, without being destroyed. An animal cell does not have this cell wall. If you start to fill the animal cell with too much distilled water or other fluid, it will eventually pop.

Plant cells also are different from animal cells because they use photosynthesis to covert sunlight into needed food for the plant. Plant cells have chloroplasts, which has its own DNA, essentially directing the work of the chloroplasts.

Also plant cells, if one could view them under the microscope, appear extremely different than an animal cell because of the presence of a large vacuole, which exists in the cell's cytoplasm. It usually takes up most of the room in the cell, and the membrane of the cell encircles it. It contains waste materials, water, and nutrients that can be used or secreted as necessary.

a simpler awnser:

plant cells have a cell wall, cytoplasm, and a bigger vaculoe :)