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There are numerous foods that supply the body with fiber, which gives the body energy and keeps it going. Some of the best fiber rich foods include cheeses, nuts, and meats.

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What major food sources contain fiber?

wholegrain bread, wholewheat pasta, branflakes and brown rice

What are Germany's major food and fiber imports?

food good

What are the food sources for fiber?

Everything that is basically whole grain and oatmeal.

Where should consumers attain fiber?

food sources of fiber including whole grains, vegetables, legumes and fruits, fortified foods with fiber like bars, drinks, and other foods and fiber supplements

What food sources are high in fiber?

Oats Apples with the peel Most cereals Bread Prunes Raisins

What type of food has fiber?

Vegetables and meat are good sources of fiber. All cereals have some fiber in them, some more than others. Some cereals are fortified with fiber. Read the nutrition panel on the package for specific information.

What is the another name for fiber?

Fiber is also called plant fiber, or cellulose. It has many food sources and is sometimes recommended to keep the digestive tract functioning properly. The common name for this fiber is psyllium. It can be in husk or powdered form.

What are the major sources of energy for muscle contraction?

The major sources of energy for muscle contraction is mainly combustion of food. Glucose and glycogen and fatty acids also serve as sources for energy.

What are some major food sources for fat?

pos no comas pendejo

What was a major effect of the Columbian exchange?

New food sources for Europe.

What food are sources of major carbohydrates?

Grains are major sources of carbs. (Grains include bread, pasta, rice, etc. AKA stuff made with wheat.)

What are the sources of dietary fiber?

Carbohydrates! (:

What are sources of fiber for your body?

The sources of fiber are: fruit, green leafy vegetables, nuts, peas, beans and whole grain cereals.

What is natural fiber?

natural fiber is made from plant,animal and mineral sources

What names of the 7 major nutrients food in the food you eat?

There are six major classes of nutrients carbohydrates (fiber is included as a carbohydrate) fats minerals proteins vitamins water

What is a good source of fiber?

Good sources of fiber are metamucil, oatmeal, fiber one bar, paper, and wheat.

What food group gives us the most fiber?

Although grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables all provide good sources of fiber, I would say that the richest, most concentrated form of fiber comes in grains, such as oats or bran.

What are the sources of cellulose?

Cellulose is typically added to foods. This is because it helps to increase the fiber in the food. Cellulose can be found in most plants.

What major food source in Germany?

There are several major food sources in the country of Germany. Some include dairy, pork, barley, wheat, cabbage, and grain.

What major impact of the Columbian exchange on western Europe was the introduction of?

New food sources

What vegetables are good sources of dietary fiber?

Apples, carrots and fiber one bars help.

What meats are good sources of fiber?

None. Fiber is in plants, meat is protein, carbs and fats.

What are major food sources fopr the pygmy hippo?

The pygmy hippo's main food source is vegetation found on the riverbanks.

Is meat a good fiber?

Meat is not a significant source of Fiber. Some good sources of fiber are fruits, vegetables, and Sun chips.

Is fiber fattening?

Depends what food your getting your fiber from.