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nylon materials

i took white trouser socks from my local 99 cent store

there plain and made of nylon and polyester

first step

stretch out the material

put it on and make sure it fits your arm

step 2

cut the end where the toes are supposed to be

step 3

cut the end into U..not s large on about an inch

step 4

lay the material out flat

cut the sides about 1/3 of a inch in

several times 1 inch apart

step 5

fold it in half then cut little lines

don't touch the other cuts

step 6

put it on your done

NOTE:takes about 2 mins

cost about a dollar for 2 Jeff hardy bands

on the internet they are sold for $15 for 2 usally

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Q: What are the materials to make a Jeff hardy wristband?
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