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What are the measures taken to protect endangered species of India?

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  • create awareness among people
  • implement the laws framed
  • educate people about conserving animals
  • punish the people who misuse and kill animals
  • work hard and start an individual group to protect animals

at least by doing this endangered species can be protected to some extent.

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What is the percentages of the endangered species in Asia and India?

in india there are 12 endangered species. and 10% in percentage...

Number opf endangered birds of India?

78 species of birds are endangered in India

What are the steps taken by government to protect wildlife in India?

animal reserves and wildlife sancturies are made for the endangered species of animals.

Is lizard an endangered species in India?

Lizards are not a species. They are a suborder that contains thousands of species. Lizards in general are not endangered.

What is a sentence that uses the word endangered species?

Rhinos are an endangered species native to Africa and India.

How many animal species in India are endangered?

There are about 316 animals on the endangered species list. Of these, 6 of them are on the critically endangered list.

Feature of wildlife protection act 1972?

The features of the wildlife protection act of 1972 was enacted in India to protect the various endangered animals and plants. In 1972, National parks and reserves were opened to protect these endangered species.

How many endangered species are there in India?


Names of endangered species in India?


Endangered species of animals in india?


Is the Blackbuck an endangered species of India?


Endangered species of india?

Blue cobras

Is banyan is an endangered species in India?


How much percent does endangered species in India have?


What are the major endangered species in India?

tigers are 1

How many endangered animal species are there in India?

There are many, including 47 that are critically endangered.

Why are there endangered species in India?

The same reasons there are endangered animals everywhere. Mainly human intrusion and predation.

Which are the most endangered species of plants in India?


What are the endangered species in North East India?

one horm rhino

How many tiger species are endangered in India?

There is only one tiger species, Panthera Tigris. There are however, six subspecies. Only one, the Bengal, is found in India. All tiger subspecies are endangered.

Where do the endangered species live?

they live in china,asia,india,russia ,nepel

Which bird species become endangered in India in 2010?

Common Indian sparrow.

Endangered species of birds in India?

Given below is the a list of the most endangered birdsof India, some of which are highly in critical state: Pink headed duck Himalayan Quail

Is the elephant an endangered species in India?

Yes, the Asian elephant is, overall, considered endangered, primarily due to loss of habitat.

Is lion an endangered species?

The African lion is considered a threatened species, the Asiatic lion is endangered however, with only around 350 animals, all found in the Gir Forest of India.