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The methods to control the fuel and air mixture in a carburetor include needle valves to control fuel flow, and the butterfly or ventura to control air flow.

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Q: What are the methods used to control fuel and air mixture in carburetor?
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What is the back-suction mixture control system in the carburetor?

Back-suction mixture control: According to the dictionary of Aeronautical Terms, back-suction mixture control is a type of mixture control used in some float carburetors that regulates the fuel-air mixture ratio by varying the pressure of the air above the fuel in the float bowl.

What will happen when Applying carburetor heat?

enrich the fuel/air mixture.

What will happen when Applying carburetor heat will do what?

enrich the fuel to air mixture.

What change occurs in the fuel-air mixture when carburetor heat is applied?

It get's richer, The fuel/air mixture becomes richer..

What change occurs in the fuel air mixture when carburetor heat is applied?

It get's richer, The fuel/air mixture becomes richer..

What are the advantages and disadvantages of carburetor?

The disadvantage of having a carburetor is that the mixture of air and water isn't as precise as a modern day fuel injector. The fuel injector and carburetor hold the same advantages.

What is altitude mixture control?

Gives a pilot control of the amount of fuel the carburetor or fuel injectors deliver to the air intake for a piston engine. The fuel and air, now a "mixture", are combusted in the cylinders. As altitude changes, air pressure changes. The pilot can optimize the fuel at different altitudes for the best engine power or for the least amount of fuel burn.

What device controls the mixture of gases and air going into a car engine?

If the car is carbureted then there are two little screws on the carburetor called air/fuel mixture screws that control the air/fuel mixture. There should be info. on your cars factory settings. Hope this helps.

What is the purpose of carburetor?

The main purpose of the carburetor is to control the mixture of fuel vapor and air that goes into the engine. The carburetor changes this ratio depending on the car's situation. It puts in a small amount of a very rich fuel mixture when the engine is cold and running at idle. With the throttle plate closed and air limited because of the closed choke plate, engine suction is amplified. More fuel is provided when the gas pedal is depressed for acceleration.

How do you adjust the carburetor air fuel mixture on a harley?

need to know how to make adgustment

What is the carburetor?

It's a device that mixes fuel and air prior to the engine pulling the mixture into the cylinders for combustion. The carburetor also allows the vehicle operator to control the power/speed of the engine by controlling the amount of air that is allowed into the engine.

How does carburetor works?

A carburetor mixes air and fuel in appropriate proportions. Air and Liquid fuel are the inputs to the carburetor at different points of the carburetor. Due to suction created by the working engine , atmosperic Air is accelerated through the venturi in the carburetor. Accelerating Air sucks Fuel into the venturi at its center from a level regulated liquid fuel pot in the carburetor,due to the venturi action. (Bernoulli's Principle) During the process of sucking the fuel is atomised /becomes a mist , as it enters the venturi. The atomised fuel then evaporates and mixes with the air uniformly. This uniform gaseous mixture of fuel and air is the out put of the carburetor. This gaseous mixture then enters into engine cylinders for combustion.

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