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What are the misleading facts about paid surveys?


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April 21, 2009 12:14AM

Attention: You Will Not Make Money on Paid Survey Sites as a living. You may make a small amount for extra spending money, usually what is offered are points that you accumulate for free items. Any company that wants YOU to pay is not legitimate. Will you make money? You will not earn a living from paid surveys and other marketing research. You might earn or win some extra spending money, or free or discounted goods or services. Occasionally, survey research companies will offer a gift in appreciation of your cooperation. Such a gift could be a cash donation to a charity, a product sample or a nominal monetary award.

What are legitimate surveys? - A legitimate research company does not try to sell you something. Legitimate researchers and professional marketing and opinion research firms do NOT ask for money or attempt to sell products or services.

Survey research is a legitimate and scientific process of acquiring data from the public, the information is used to develop new products, improve services and is used by health care providers, the government, businesses and others.

from another contributor:

I was researching the paid surveys articles on the Internet, when I came across an editorial that struck me with its shallow strategy to beguile potential survey takers into signing up for particular paid survey sites. Here is my comment on some issues that might confuse newbie survey takers, especially if they are about to decide which paid survey sites to join. Misleading Statement No.1 The article author casually stated that you would make $500 by completing a dozen of 50-dollar surveys for "answering a couple of questions". This is not simply exaggerated, but largely misleading. Most survey sites usually pay a lot less than that, even though they might offer surveys regularly. There are 50-dollar payout surveys, but you cannot expect that these will be reaching you every day. That is why most authors advise survey takers to subscribe to as many survey sites as possible in order to maximize their earnings from completing surveys. Even though it's not impossible to earn hundreds of dollars by completing a small number of high-paying surveys, the odds are that you can earn this money by completing a larger number of moderate-pay surveys. Misleading Statement No.2 The author of the same article suggested that we can distinguish between the paid survey scams and the legitimate survey sites by the number of subscribers a survey site has. First, a newbie survey taker would have difficulties telling which survey site has a large respondent pool. Second, the sheer subscription base at a particular point in time cannot be a sufficient indicator that a survey site is legitimate and good. Some survey sites offer extremely attractive incentives and manage to recruit a huge number of potential survey takers immediately. However, people soon realize that this site either has collected the membership fee and disappeared, or has flooded them with excessive spam without providing any real earning opportunities. Therefore, stating that you can tell the legitimate survey site from the scam by the size of its respondent pool is rather short-sighted. Misleading Statement No.3 Is it true that you have to register exclusively for survey sites that offer only cash? No, it is not. Survey takers are well aware that most paid survey sites have a mix of incentives that they distribute according to the particular survey scope - the length, difficulty level, and the size of the survey target audience. Moreover, most legitimate survey companies use the so-called "screener surveys" - getting-to-know-you initial surveys that help survey companies sift their available respondents from the inactive sign-ups. These screener surveys are usually non-paid, because they are designed for the internal administrative purposes of the survey site, rather than commissioned by third-party companies. What's more, by ignoring these screener surveys only because they don't bring you any cash or prizes, you may end up off the survey site's mailing list as a lame survey respondent. That automatically will prevent you from getting the paid surveys that are about to follow, so that by not completing a non-incentive survey you end up loosing the future earning opportunities. You should be careful in selecting the paid survey sites that you join, but most of all, you should experience taking paid surveys yourself in order to learn about the opportunities to earn cash, prizes and rewards. If you have Any other Facts please Comment here : ?They are all scam..what I mean scam is not they charge you any fees but rather they are actually trying to sell you other company's product.They will never ask you any of your opinion on certain product, but they will ask everything about you so they can try selling. In those so call Paid survey website,only way you make anything is that you spend money to sign a membership or pay to order their products.

Additional Note: this is obviously an advertisement for SurveySponsor dot com - Not a legitimate survey site. You will not make money taking surveys. Real marketing research survey companies will never sell you anything, charge you any fees, or disclose or sell your email address to other companies. Always read the "terms of service" and "privacy policy"