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The above monuments are build during the Delhi Sultanate -:

1.Alai Darwaza

2.Khirki masjid

3.Qutab minar

4.Iltutmish's tomb

5.Firoz shah tughlaq's tomb

6.Mosque of jamali kamali

7.Moth ki masjid

P.S. - These monuments period might be different but those periods belong in the Delhi Sultanate.

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Monumental architecture pictures during sultanate period in India?

Type your answer here... In the history of Medieval India you are serching for the pictures of the monuments , architectures in'THE DEHLI SULTANATE ' period.

What was the cuisine of India during the Sultanate period?

beef and lamb chops(plus potato).

The Delhi Sultanate lost control of northern India when a period of disunity began after?

The Delhi Sultanate lost control of northern India during the long period of disunity that is also called the first disunion. This took place between 220 and 589.

What five monuments were built in India during the Medieval Period?

The 5 famous monuments in india built in the medieval period are Qutub Minar,Meenakshi temple, Red Fort, Victoria Memorial, Taj Mahal

Why did hindus embrace Islam during the rule of the delhi sultanate?

Because the minority Muslims ruled much of Northern India from 1206 to 1526 in a period known as the Delhi Sultanate.

Which monuments were built by the Mughal sultanate?

These are some very popular monuments of India built by the Mughal Sultanate:Taj MahalRed Fort of AgraRed Fort of DelhiHumayun's TombFatehpur SikriAurangabadQutb Minar

Who is the greatest ruler of the sultanate period in India?

i dont know hehehahahaha

Pictures of monuments in medieval period in india?

Reforming history

The delhi sultanate lost control of northern India when a period of disunity began after what?


After what did the Delhi Sultanate lost control of northern India when a period of disunity?

Arab armies attacked to restore Arab influence in India

What was the kind of food eaten by the people of India during the delhi sultanate?

pizza and burgers

How many monuments does India have?

There are 53 monuments in India.over 200 are in india.

What are two Indian monuments built in the medieval period?

taj mahal india gate

Who is the real founder of the Sultanate dynasty?

Raziya sultan was the founder of the Sultanate dynasty in India.

Historical monuments built in medieval period?

taj mahal,india gate,jama masjid,

Who is 14th century chronicler of India?

A century is a 100 years so it relates to the period 1300 to 1399. We normally don't have historians assigned by century. During this period India was fragmented with the main power in the hands of the Delhi Sultanate. In the South existed the Vijaynagar Kingdom. The North West was dominated by Afghans

What are the slogans on monuments of India?

monuments are for living, not the dead

List of monuments build in medieval period with images and information in India online?

taj mahal is a monument built in india medieval period by shahjahan in the memory of his wife mumtaz mahal.

What did India conquer?

why were the founders of the Delhi sultanate able to conquer India?

What was the sultanate of Delhi?

Delhi Sultanate, refers to the various Muslim dynasties that ruled in India (1210-1526).

Which are the monuments built by british in India?

gateway of india,

What are the disadvantages of monuments of India?

We are always wasting a lot of money on repairation of these monuments and on the other hand india is incresing on poverty.

How Mughals introduced art and architecture?

A characteristic Indo-Islamic-Persian style that flourished on the Indian subcontinent during the Mughal empire (1526-1857). This new style combined elements of Islamic art and architecture, which had been introduced to India during the Delhi Sultanate (1192-1398) and had produced great monuments such as the Qutb Minar, with features of Persian art and architecture. Mughal monuments are found chiefly in northern India, but there are also many remains in Pakistan. This article discusses these distinctive forms of art and architecture as they developed under a succession of Mughal emperors.

Monuments made by british in India?

gate way of india

Briefly discuss the developments in mathematics and astronomy during Gupta period in India?

Brifely discuss the developments in mathematics and astronomy during Gupta period in India