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Alien menace invasions ( War of worlds, etc)-pro-violence, The idea of advanced, civilized but miniature and microscopic aliens-For some reason very popular in the fifties despite near-impossibility of intelligent llife existing in the size of say, HO railroad cars, etc.There were a number of short stories-on this theme adapted to radio drama-far easier than to tv. the size differential that the aliens and their crat were miniature, was sort of a (easy landing) answer to the problem, I am not aware of any UFOs that are miniature sized- unless these are unmanned spy or scout stellite probes as we have for weather and other purposes- communications satellites, spy sats, etc. drones/ There are some intriguing social content themes that are neglected in sci-fi they are controversial- benign captivity versus freedom , for example which was central, or rather off-center in (Captain Nemo and the Underwater city which should have been updated to say Commodore Wushneva dn the secret sub base! Base was in the Pacific and if updated , maybe the Russians had something like this and killed any accidental discoverers! It"s aBig world-universe. that"s my take.

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Q: What are the most overused topics and or plots in sci fi fantasy novels?
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These novels were known as picaresque novels.

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How many plots does a novel have?

Depends on the novel. Some have only one plot. Others, such as the novels of Charles Dickens, can have a number of intertwining plots.

Does the river between have a plot?

Yes. All novels have plots, and The River Between is a novel.

What is the plot of fantasy stories?

Plot is independent of genera. Of the forty plots identified anyone of them could be used in a fantasy story. However some plots are more commonly found in all stories (some are rarely used today in any kind of stories what-so-ever) and some are favoured in fantasy stories, although this claim has to be taken very loosely.Some of the more common plots in fantasy:Obtaining - recovering some important itemDaring enterprise - achieving some important goalDeliverance - rescuing damsel in distressObstacles to love

What has the author Edwin A Grozier written?

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What plot does a novel have?

No two novels have exactly the same plot (and if they did, someone is guilty of plagiarism). However, many novels have similar plots. For example, a heroic young man overcomes adversity and wins the hand of a fair maiden.

What is the name of the book that summarises all the classic novels so you can learn the key points and then pretend to others you have read them?

Master Plots.... and its cheating.

Is this statement true or false While a short story is compact and concentrated a novel may have additional minor plots?

It's true. Short stories tend to be 'concentrated' and conclude quickly. Novels have minor plots, and 'incidental story-lines' to pad out the main plot.

How are absalom absalom and the sound and the fury similar?

They are similar because both novels feature the Sutpen family. Quentin Compson, the main character in Absalom Absalom!, is also a main character in the Sound and the Fury. Both novels' plots link in a certain way

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The plot is developed the same as a book -- but novels usually have more complicated plots and sub-plots just because they are longer. The writer has to have just as much development for both, though, in order to have a good story.

What are the differences between a companion novel and a sequel?

Companion novels tend to use the same characters but have completely unrelated plots. Sequels tend to carry the story from one to another.

What is the order of Final Fantasy games?

Um.. the order goes like the roman numbers really.. # Final Fantasy I # Final Fantasy II # Final Fantasy III # Final Fantasy IV # Final Fantasy V # Final Fantasy VI # Final Fantasy VI # Final Fantasy VII * Dirge Of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII (Sequel) * Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis (Prequel) * Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (Prequel) 9. Final Fantasy IX 10. Final Fantasy X * Final Fantasy X-2 (Sequel) 11. Final Fantasy XI 12. Final Fantasy XII 13. Final Fantasy XIII (Yet to come) There are also the Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy Dissidia which is still unreleased. However, Final Fantasy games are not connected.. I mean the plots and characters are different, aside from the compilations and Dissidia that is. I'd recommend for you to look it up in wikipedia.. it gives better information than me.

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Can you suggest a story where the plot is split into two to complement the climax?

Almost any high fantasy story, such as The Lord of the Rings, will have several plots which converge on one climax.

What kind of novels does J.K. Rowling have?

They are primarily classed as fantasy.Sub-categories in which they could be included are:Bildungsroman (the story of a young person growing up).Allegory (because Harry Potter is a Christ-figure).Detective stories.Boarding-school stories.Romance (this is a bit of a stretch, but the Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny and Lupin/Tonks story-arcs are romantic sub-plots).

Can you tell the difference between opera and oratorio by just listening to them?

Yes, you could make an educated guess. Oratorio plots are often based on sacred topics. Opera plots are about murder, romance, etc... Also, the characters in an oratorio have much less interaction with each other than the characters of an opera.

Is Northanger abbey a satire on the gothic novel?

Yes, definitely. Northanger Abbey is full of allusion to gothic novels, satirizes their scenery, their characters, and the plots. It is explicitly related to The Mysteries of Udolpho, by Ann Radclyffe.

What are Classic Hitchcock plots?

Ironic, who-done-it plots.

What would the plot be in Edith Hamilton's Mythology?

There isn't really a general plot. 'Mythology' includes many different Greek and Roman myths about many different topics following different plots.

What was the writing style of Robert Louis Stevenson?

I would say Stevenson's work was/is extremely lucid. His prose is sparing yet telling, and includes only the details needed to both continue and enhance the plots of his novels.

Which is the correct order of the four parts of a plot?

1. some of dickens' novels, for example, are a series of character studies loosely related to the plot. 2. some novels have very little action and very weak plots. 3. most novels, however, have a long involves plot, sometimes covering many years in time. 4. if a novel has a well defined plot, the story will generally follow a p rticular pattern.

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Plots with a View was created in 2002.

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spatial figure