What are the most popular foods ordered in restaurants in America?

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Chicken tenders or fried chicken
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What is the most popular sport in America?

nfl I think soccer is very popular. I love to play it myself. I mostly play with my friends after school and enjoy playing on a team. Although, football is very popular too. A lot of people watch the NFL and a lot of teens and kids too love to play it. I'm not a big fan of Football, but I enjoy w ( Full Answer )

Most popular car in America?

So far in 2010... 1. Ford F150 2. Chevy Silverado 3. Honda Accord 4. Toyota Camry 5. Honda Civic

Who is the most popular gymnast in America?

Nadia Komanichi is the most popular gymnast in the world. She now resides in America, married to Bart Connors, might be spelled Conners. The most well known American gymnast is Mary-Lou Reton. She won an Olympic gold and was on the Wheaties box that year.

What is the most popular name in America?

the most popular last name is White. first name- Richard here:. Rank LAST 7.. 10.. (Pinkyangel1029) Name Occurrences . 1.. Smith. 2,376,206. 2.. Johnson. 1,857,160. 3.. Williams. 1,534,042. 4.. Brown. 1,380,145. 5.. Jones. 1,362,755. 6.. Miller. 1,127,803. Davis. 1,07 ( Full Answer )

What are some popular foods in America?

Diners in the US have a wide variety of foods to choose from andthere are regional and even local specialties. Pizza is a favorite,so is a burger, fries and a shake. The limit as to what is afavorite is only limited by an individual's imagination.

What is the most popular handgun in America?

Undoubtedly, currently the most popular handgun in America is the Glock 17 which fires the 9MM Luger cartridge. Rapidly catching up however are the 40 caliber handguns offered by Glock. In close second would be 9MM and 40 caliber models from: - Sig Sauer - H & K - Beretta - Taurus - ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular dog in America?

America's most popular dog is the labrador retreiver. This is because they are very good with families, children and other dogs and animals. They are very trainable and easy to take care of if you have the time. Labs are loyal and sweet and will do anything for their owner.

Who are the most popular singers in America?

From 2011 are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez because there were lots of talks about them dating and all the paparazzi were on them and caught them kissing, but some people don't believe some do. Some people like it some don't. My opinion is that if you really like one of those singers let them be ( Full Answer )

What are popular foods in South America?

South America is where tomatoes, chocolate, corn, yucca, peppers,sweet potatoes and potatoes came from. So these ingredients are inmany foods. Empanadas are meat or cheese turnovers. Tamales, blackbean stew, ceviche, are also popular. Many dishes have queso frescoadded. They also use many tropical f ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular faith in America?

Based on my observations as an American citizen I would say Christianity. After all, there is a whole section of the United States called "The Bible Belt". This area got its name for the large Christian population there.

What is the most popular breakfast in America?

Scrambled eggs is the top breakfast food in America. This isfollowed by biscuits and gravy and bacon. Cold pizza is anotherunusual favorite as is cereal.

Which Italian food is the most popular in America?

Pizza is the most popular Italian food in the US. The pizza we buy, although delicious, is not at all like its Italian cousin. Both have crust, cheese, and tomato on them, but in Italy these ingredients are not broken down as much. You will see slices of tomato and cheese instead of cooked tomatoes ( Full Answer )

Which city in America has the most restaurants?

New York City has the most restaurants with more than 23,000 restaurants consisting of a large breadth in ethnic, and gastronomic diversity that is rich in every department, from grand French dining rooms like Daniel and Le Bernardin to notoriously out-of-the-way steakhouses like Peter Luger's, and ( Full Answer )

What are Israel most popular restaurants?

"Mul yam" is considered one of the best restaurants in Israel definetly. You can find it in Tel Aviv seashore. Serves sea food mostly.

What are Popular food trends in America?

Ans1> Fast foods anyone? I believe they are not going out of trends anytime soon. There are ofcourse other trends that come in and keep moving out, for which you need to refer expert resources.

What is the most popular animal in America?

According to the 2007-2008 Pet Owners survey, there are 171.7 million freshwater fish kept as pets in the U.S. So that is the most popular pet in the US, but dogs came in at second.

What is the most popular restaurant in London?

There are many popular restaurant in London here are some:-. . Le Gavroche. . Le Meridien Piccadilly. . L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon. . Quaglino's Restaurant Ltd. . Swissotel The Howard, London. . Paradise By Way Of Kensal Green. . Hakkasan Restaurant. . Barcelona Tapas Bar & Restaurant. . Pe ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular music in America?

The most pop music in America is Lady Gaga and others Popular music changes. Whoever is popular at the moment may not be in a few years time. In addition what people like in Brazil may be different from the music people like in Canada.

What is the most popular sport in the Americas?

By far the most popular sport in the Americas, which, of course, includes Latin and South America is soccer. If just USA is considered, then despite that baseball is America's "official sport", the answer is grid iron Football, closely followed by basketball, baseball and ice hockey.

What is most popular in north America?

Technology: Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, and Apple iPod Touch. It really depends on which state you live in..... If it's New York: Shopping Tennessee: Horses There is many more....

What popular food are there in America?

the most common is probably peanut butter jelly sandwich (that is what i think). the top ten are burgers, BBQ baby back ribs, pizza, nacho cheese, buffalo chicken wings, macaroni and cheese, Caesar salad, fried chicken, pancakes, apple pie yum:)

What was the most popular restaurant in 2012?

This depends on the criteria used to determine which was the most popular. If this is measured by revenue and growth, McDonald's could be considered the most popular restaurant.

How popular are the healthy menu choices in fast food restaurants?

This depends entirely on the restaurant. Places such as Taco Bell and their cantina bowl are actually a great alternative to the other wise pretty unhealthy listings. As opposed to say McDonalds who's "healthier" alternatives are only marginally better. The places with actually healthy alternatives ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular sandwich served in restaurants?

The most popular sandwich served in American restaurants is the BLT. The BLT has been served since before the 1900s as a snack with tea. It is made with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise.

What are the most popular restaurants in Philadelphia?

According to the article 'The 50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia', the most popular restaraunt is Stateside. Stateside is owned by Chef George Sabatino, and has won tons of contests and awards.