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What are the most popular pets? The most popular or common pets are dogs or cats. This is mainly because they can show love, affection and be great companions. Also, birds are popular as well because they do not do much and are most common to live with one or two people. Birds can also be trained to talk which makes them more interesting to have as a pet.

Next on the list are fish. Fish can be great pets as you do not need to pick up after them, and do not need to make sure they get plenty of exercise. Fish do not cost much and can be interesting creatures. (Just be sure to keep their tanks clean.)

If you are looking for a pet, or the right pet for you, make sure you research on them so you know what you are dealing with. For example, dogs need to have plenty of exercise and if you forget, or do not know that you need to, they may become weak, diseased or sick. Some dogs have died because they haven't gotten the exercise that they need. Also, dogs cannot be overexercised as they can become tired, and their muscles could break and have serious damage on its health.

A lot of people these days are becoming aware of lizards. They are becoming more popular every year. The proper care is essential, but they can be less difficult to handle and maintain than traditional pets.

So the final debate goes down to "dogs or cats". They are both very common pets, but which are the most popular? Well, the answer you are seeking is cats. They are the most common pet.
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What are the most popular pets in Australia?

Like other western countries, cats and dogs are probably indeed the more common house pet. Nationwide you can find pet shops with birds, numerous types of fish, also guinea pi

What is the most popular pet?

There are loads of popular pets, these are Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and birds. Most people have Dogs and Cats because they show love or affection. I hope this answers

What are the most popular pets to own in Switzerland?

In Switzerland, as in the United States, cats and dogs are popularpets to own. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 90 percentof families in Switzerland have either a d

What are the most popular pets in Spain?

The citizens of Spain have several varieties of animals that theyhave as pets. The most popular pet is the dog followed by the cat.
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What pet is the most popular in England?

The most popular domestic (household) pet in England, according to the Pet Foods Manufacturers Association of the UK, 2008 figures, is the dog, followed by the cat. Next are