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Engr. Danilo A. Cadog, Engr. Oriel Albite, Engr. Nathan M. Rosales, Engr. Allan Peral

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Q: What are the names of some famous astronomers?
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Names of some famous astronomers?

Early famous astronomers were Johannes Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo. More recent famous astronomers include Carl Sagan, Percival Lowell.

What are the names of famous Greek astronomers?


What are the names of some famous Indian astronomers?

kalpna chawla rakesh sharma aryabhatta

What are some cheates to hangaroo?

famous astronomers

What are some names of famous space astronamers?

If you meant astronomers then the answers is very simple. Through out history there have been many astronomers. my favorites include Kepler, Hubble, Galileo, Copernicus, Aryabhatta, Ptolemy, Brahe etc.

Who is the famous ancient astronomer?

There were many famous ancient astronomers, and astronomers from hundreds of years ago (not exactly ancient. but vital to our present understanding of astronomy). They include:HipparchusPtolemyCopernicusGalileoEudoxusThere were also many Egyptian, Mayan, and Chaldean astronomers whose names have been lost over time.

Where can you get a list of famous and not so famous astronomers and astronauts of the past and present?

From Encyclopedia we can get a list of famous & not famous astronomers & astronauts of the past & present.

Who were two famous astronomers during the Renaissance?

Newtown and Kepler were two famous astronomers during the Renaissance.

Who were the two famous astronomers during the renaissance?

Newtown and Kepler were two famous astronomers during the Renaissance.

Name some famous astronomers?

Galileo GalileiTycho BraheEdmond HalleyEdwin Powell Hubble

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Who is famous astronomers in hangaroo?


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