Wasps and Hornets

What are the names of stinging insects?

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Wasps, Hornets, and Bees.

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Yes stinging nettles are pollinated by insects. Some nettles are pollinated by the wind. Stinging nettles are eaten by chickens.

having a sting or the capacity to sting; "stinging insects"; "stinging nettles"

Yes, all stinging insects can sting through clothing.

Formic acid is the chemical in the sting or bite of most stinging insects.

they have jaws and can bite. Also, they have a stinger, but I'm not sure if they die after stinging.That is correct, they have a painful poisonous sting, and they do not die after stinging. The honeybee is unusual in that way; hardly any other insects die after stinging.

Worker honey bees are the only insects with a barbed sting. All other stinging insects (including honey bee queens) have smooth stingers and can withdraw them after use. Not true see common myths of stinging insects in the related links below.

There are various stinging insects in Ireland, but none of these are of any real danger to people like ones found in some other countries.

Bees, Wasps, and Ants. These insects either have stingers in the lower abdomen or around their mouth.

Yes, stinging insects like wasps and hornets inject venom when they sting.

Like other stinging insects, yellow jackets (wasps) have stings for self-protection.

Hornets are black creatures that resemble wasps. They are the most powerful of the stinging insects and are able to penetrate their stingers through protective clothing.

Mosquitos are very dangerous, they transmit diseases such as Malaria and West Nile Virus. Stinging insects such as bees, wasps, and fire ants can cause allergic reactions that can be fatal.

Just the honeybee. It has a barbed stinger that rips out his abdomen when it tries to remove it.

insects that can fly are dragonflies,flies,mosquitoes and a bee insects that cannot fly are unknown.

The stinging insects in this dream represent small but painful problems the dreamer is trying to avoid.

Because he kills a bunch of gigantic spiders and naturally if you were a spider you wouldn't want your prey stinging you. That is also why he names his sword sting.

I am stinging. You are stinging. He/she/it is stinging. We are stinging. They are stinging. (Of course, normally only the 3rd person, it or they, would be used with sting.)

Some different names of insects are Flies, Spiders, roaches. Others are bedbugs, moths, crickets, beetles, and fleas and ticks.

Wasps are a group of predatory, flying and stinging insects, while the hornet is the largest insect among the wasps.

the mud that pigs use to cover their bodies is a useful tool to prevent themselves from the stinging of insects.

There are many stinging and biting insects in Ireland, depending on where you live. Most are not dangerous. Check the related link below for much more information, including photos of venomous bugs in Ireland.

Binx... pronounced Binks

Orange Ichneumonid Wasp and Owlfly are insects. They begin with the letter o.

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