What are the native animals of Ohio?

Deer, Raccon, Squirel, Chipmunk, Buzzard, Owls, Newts, Coyote, Turkey, Pheasant, Possum, Groundhogs, Various Hawks, Cardinals, Blue jays, various humming birds, Black bears, various turtles (box, painted, and snapping turtles are the most common), various non poisonous snakes, Venemous snakes (two types of Rattlesnakes, and copper heads), various spiders (notable are the Brown Recluse, the Black Widow, and the Wolf spider), bobcats, bald eagles,
Fish species are numerous but inlcude the most common are walleye, trout, perch, bass catfish, pike.

Waterfowl include ducks (Mallard is the most common, Canadian geese, seagulls, and various Cranes).