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What are the plants adaptation in the rainforest biome?

Tropical Rainforest Plants. The following plant adaptations enable tropical plants to live in the hot, humid, and wet conditions of the tropical rainforest.

List of native Australian rainforest plants?

See the related links for lists of Australian tropical rainforest plants and temperate rainforest plants.

What are the plants in a tropical rainforest?

There are many plants in a tropical rainforest. Their are fruit plants. Examples: banana, grape fruits, mangoes etc.

What are some plants and their adaptations in the tropical rainforest?

One of the adaptions that a plant has undergone is this:The pitcher plant has a cup to hold water for the plant.

Types of plants in a tropical rainforest?

The types of plants that survive in a tropical rainforest are those that need a lot of water. These plants are very watery and green plants.

What do parrots in the tropical rainforest eat?

Parrots in the tropical rainforest eat seeds, worms, and plants. Parrots in the tropical rainforest are omnivores. I hope that helps you.

Are there Venus Flytraps in the tropical rainforest?

No, they are not found in the rainforest, and they are not tropical plants. They are from North Carolina where they grow in the wild.

Tropical rainforest plants?

thare are trees

What are 5 producers of the tropical rainforest?


What is the vegetation of the tropical rainforest?

Plants and trees

Where are most of the nutrients in a tropical rainforest?


What is diversity of animals and plants?

a tropical rainforest

What type of plants are in a tropical rainforest?

The type of plants that the Tropical Rain-forest have is Bengal Bamboo, and the Bougainvillea.

What do plants eat in a tropical rainforest?

they eat bugs and other plants

What are some tropical rainforest plants?

Some tropical rainforest plants are Bromeliads, Epiphytes, Saprophytes, Buttress Roots, Lianas, Stilt/ Proproots, Carniverous plants, Orchids, and Strangler Fig.

How have animals and plants adapted to the tropical rainforest?


What kinds of plants are there in a rainforest?

Any tropical plant

What are the native plants and their adaptations to live in the desert?

cactus and dates were the native plants of deserts

Are epiphytes plants in the tropical rainforest?

yes, ephites are plants in the rain forest.

What are the benefits of the tropical rainforest?

Tropical Rainforests have lots of plants in them used for lots of medicines

What plants do you find in the rainforest?

Two thirds of the world's plants species are found in the tropical rainforest. The rainforest is host to carnivorous plants, strangler plants, lianas, and oddly plants with stilt roots or buttress roots.

What are some native plants and their adaptations to live in a tropical rain forest?

banana mango ube and coconut trees XD XP love ya

What kind of plants grow in the tropical rainforest?

the plant kind

What Autotrophs plants are in a tropical rainforest's?

orchids are autotrophs in the rainforest

Why do plants survive in the tropical rainforest?

There is a lot of rain and sunlight.