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How often do meteorites hit Earth

The adjustments of materials that follow a major earthquake often generate smaller earthquakes called

Most earthquakes are produced by the rapid release of which kind of energy stored in rock subjected to great forces

What does an earthquake's magnitude measure

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Q: What are the natural factors for causes of an earthquake?
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What are the natural causes of an earthquake?

plate movement

What are the causes for disequilibrium in bop?

Natural Factors: natural calamities such as floods, drought, earthquake etcEconomic Factors: Cyclical fluctuationsInflationCapital movementsMiscellaneous Factors: The changes in tastes, habits, fashions of the people; discovery of new substitutes for exports; the development of alternative sources of supply.Political Factors: example political instability.

What natural occurrences causes mountains to form or disappear?

A natural occurrence which causes mountains to to disappear is erosion, and to form is an earthquake (I think).

What are natural causes of an earthquake?

The movement of the earth's crust and the plate boundaries, cause seismic activity, which causes the earth to rumble, causing the feel of an 'earthquake'.

What are the natural causes that create rapid or slow change on the surface of the earth?


What natural process caused the Los Angeles earthquake?

The shifting of tectonic plates causes earthquakes.

What are some natural disasters that begin with the letter U?

Underwater earthquake causes tsunamis.

What are the three main causes of earthquake?

the three main causes of earthquake are:-

What are some causes of building collapse?

Weak foundation, controlled explosives, earthquake, and a lot of other factors can contribute.

What are the two main categories of factors causing climate change?

Human and Natural causes

What connections are their between earthquake and tsunami?

Earthquakes are natural phenomena that cause a sudden and violent shaking of the ground. An earthquake at sea often causes a tsunami, which is a big tidal wave.

Where does the word earthquake come from?

The word earthquake comes from the natural process in which the plates of the Earth shift. Earth refers to the ground or planet, while quake refers to the motion it causes.

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