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What are the natural factors for causes of an earthquake?


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A natural occurrence which causes mountains to to disappear is erosion, and to form is an earthquake (I think).

The movement of the earth's crust and the plate boundaries, cause seismic activity, which causes the earth to rumble, causing the feel of an 'earthquake'.

Natural Factors: natural calamities such as floods, drought, earthquake etcEconomic Factors: Cyclical fluctuationsInflationCapital movementsMiscellaneous Factors: The changes in tastes, habits, fashions of the people; discovery of new substitutes for exports; the development of alternative sources of supply.Political Factors: example political instability.

The shifting of tectonic plates causes earthquakes.

the three main causes of earthquake are:-

Weak foundation, controlled explosives, earthquake, and a lot of other factors can contribute.

Earthquakes are natural phenomena that cause a sudden and violent shaking of the ground. An earthquake at sea often causes a tsunami, which is a big tidal wave.

The word earthquake comes from the natural process in which the plates of the Earth shift. Earth refers to the ground or planet, while quake refers to the motion it causes.

Any natural catastrophe that causes great damage and loss of life like hurricane,tornado,storms,earthquake,volcanic eruption,etc., is known as a natural disaster.

Rupture along a 40 km section of the San Andreas fault.

an earthquake is a natural disater. all natural disaters are proven to be dangerous. from, Michelle

An Earthquake is classified in the Natural Disaster category.

It's not natural evil it is just a natural event. Earthquake tsunamis are natural occurrences they are not the result of any kind of evil.

broken glass, cut electrical cords, hazards fires, and other dangers

earthquake No, not earthquake, but changes in atmospheric pressure.

When tectonic plates collide an Earthquake is created.

Earthquake causes fracture of the ground.

Tsunamis are usually caused by an earthquake in the sea, and the earthquake may be caused by a volcano. An earthquake is also a natural disaster, because we did not create earthquake, it comes naturally.

it is because it causes animals to eat plants and we lose plants

The earthquake was a natural disaster and the tsuami was triggered by the earthquake.

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