What are the natural predators and enemies of wolves?

Wolves don't have any natural predators, except for humans. Enemies, though, range from those animals that they hunt for food (like elk, bison, deer and moose) to animals that are in competition for their food (coyotes, grizzly bears, black bears, cougars/mountain lions, wolverines and foxes). Other wolves and wolf packs that compete for new territory, as well as diseases such as Canine Distemper and Parvovirus are additional enemies to wolves.

Wolves don't really have predators. They have enemies, like a human would certainly be something, or a bear. A bear could kill them in a fight for the same kill. But other than that, wolves don't have predators.
Wolves do have predators.The main predator are humans, but adult Moose can kill a wolf too. They are endangered because of humans.I am trying my best to protect them.may god bless you if you try to do your best to protect them. my email is wolfcrazy30@gmail .com p.s. a bear and wolvereens are also their preditores.