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No penetration? Pretty slim, I'd say. Always dangerous, sperm and anything that may contain sperm should be treated as hazardous material, because it can change lives!

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What is the likeliness that a girl would become pregnant if the spermicidal condom broke during sex without ejaculation?

Without ejaculation, not very likely.

Can get pregnant with one inch penetration?

The amount of penetration is fairly irrelevant. What is more relevant is whether there has been an ejaculation (while inside) or not.

Will cumming inside her anus get her pregnant?

No. Only vaginal penetration can make a female pregnant. You can use a condom though to prevent that from happening. PS. Vaginal penetration CAN make a girl pregnant EVEN if there is no ejaculation. Keep in mind. ;)

If pre-ejaculate fluid leaks out the bottom of spermicidal condoms what are the chances of getting pregnant if no ejaculation occurs?

Very slim, dont worry

Can you get pregnant when the penis touches the vagina but there is no ejaculation or pre-ejaculation?

=No you cannot become pregnant from this.=

Can a underwieght get pregnant without penetration?

For anyone to get pregnant there must be penetration, so if there is no penetration there will be no pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant from pre- ejaculation?

Yes you can become pregnant from pre ejaculation.

Still having a hymen and a girl gets pregnant does it hurt to give birth?

A girl cannot get pregnant if the hymen is still intact. Penetration and ejaculation have to occur for pregnancy. A girl cannot get pregnant by sitting on a toilet seat or bathing in a tub.

If you have sperm on your penis then put on a spermicidal condom and some sperm gets on the out side of the condom could your girlfriend get pregnant?

I wouldn't think so...but its always possible I suppose

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you use a spermicidal condom and it breaks?

Well, the chances are lower than if you just used a non-spermicidal condom that broke, however you could still get pregnant

Can you get pregnant if you use a spermicidal condom but then take it off and let him inside you for a few seconds?

No, you will not get pregnant off that.

Can penetration with clothes still get you pregnant?

i don't see how penetration can be even possible with clothes on, so no you can't get pregnant if you are dressed

Can you get pregnant if you use vaseline as a lubricant?

Since Vaseline is not a spermicidal, the answer would be yes.

Can a woman get pregnant alone?

Yes, you need spermicidal lubricant and fast fingers.

Is it likely to be pregnant from around 2 seconds of insertion without much penetration without ejaculation and a cleaned off member from oral sex?

not likely unless his stuff exploded in the two seconds it was there [lol]

Can you get a girl pregnant from sperming in her rectum?

No you can not get a woman pregnant from ejaculation into the rectum.

Can I be pregnant if there was only pre-ejaculates fluid and no penetration?

If there was no penetration, you most likely aren't pregnant. Precum even lessens the chances, since it can rarley get you pregnant.

Can unpenetrated sex cause pregnancy?

For a female to become pregnant through "normal" means, the male must ejaculate in or on the vagina. If there is no ejaculation or on the vagina, then you won't become pregnant. And all sex involves penetration. "dry humping" doesn'tc ontain the word sex for a reason.

Is it possible for a man to produce an abnormal amount of pre-ejaculation and become pregnant?

There is sperm in pre-ejaculation so it's always possible to get pregnant from pre-ejaculation, whether he produces alot or a little.

Can i get pregnant while you have a tampon but had no penetration?

No, you cannot get pregnant in this scenario. If there is no penetration from your partner then there is no way for the semen to get into your vagina. Whether you're wearing a tampon or not makes no difference to whether or not you can get pregnant.

Can a girl get pregnant from grinding while skinny dipping in a hot tub if there is no penetration?

No. There must be penetration.

What are the chances of getting pregnant after a spermicidal condom broke inside the vagina and you take the day after pill?

Next to impossible chance of getting pregnant.

What does pre-ejaculate mean?

It's the stuff that comes out before ejaculation and it contains sperm so it can get a girl pregnant Its pre-ejaculation its the ejaculation that comes before the actually ejaculation its the clear stuff

You are in your last days of your menstrual period you had intercource but it was and really early withdrawal and no pre-ejaculation nor ejaculation what are your chances of been pregnant?

well if there was no pre-ejaculation or ejaculation, what do ya think??? there is a 0 chance of it without any ejaculation retard.

Can a girl get pregnant if sperm is released without penetration?