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What are the oligarchy countries in the world?


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Corporate Oligarchy is the power base for globilization. Russia South Africa United States

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There are no countries with the government of an oligarchy today. Some argue many Western European countries are, but in reality they are not.

There are no countries in Europe or the world who have an oligarch government. The oligarchy was created in Ancient Greece and it is a rule by a small group of people, usually the wealthiest.

The United States is one example, almost all of the democracies in the world have oligarchy in one way or another

Burma has a junta government. That is a form of oligarchy.

There is an oligarchy in the world.

Answering "Which are the countries presently under an oligarchy form of government?"

the most common place that they have oligarchy is England and china

Japan was an oligarchy in the Meiji period that lasted until 1912.

which people have formed an economic oligarchy in several latin American countries

-Cuba -Venezuela -North Korea -Tunisia -Russia there it is ! this are the 5 examples of countries under oligarchy control . =))

Countries that are governed by a small group of privileged people.

An oligarchy government is when a small group of people has control of the government and country. An example of countries with oligarchy governments are China and North Korea.

Russia and China still use oligarchy in the today world. They are small communist countries that still holds power using military, money and been highly sociable.

Oligraphic is not a word. Perhaps you mean oligarch countries, which are countries that have an oligarchy. An oligarchy is rule by a select few individuals (of which are most likely the most wealthy). No countries today are oligarchies. Oligarchies were present in Ancient Greece.

No countries now are under an Oligarchy but in the past, Russia (BC) and Etruscans (BC).

There is no oligarchy in the modern world. This is the sentence that uses the word oligarchy.

The United States of Amerika

The Chinese Communist Party is run as a self-perpetuating oligarchy.

China, Burma and North Korea for a start.

i don't relay know but go on google and tipe it in

countries with an oligarchy goverment are literally "countries ruled by a small group of people". A good example is present Saudi Arabia, formally a kingdom run by one king but in fact being completely run by the members of the House (the extended family) Saud; hence the name of the country.

it can be found in cuba, north korea, and tusanmi and idk google

Most Comunist coutries such as China, Thankyou for your time. Peace out. Mothertruckers

No countries now are under an Oligarchy but in the past, Russia (BC) and Etruscans (BC).

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