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Carbon is formed in the cores of certain stars after lighter elements have been formed. The carbon on earth came from older stars that exploded to release their carbon.

On Earth, carbon is found as carbonate rocks, and dissolved in seawater as carbonic acid, and in the air as carbon dioxide. Plants and animals contain a small fraction of the Earth's total carbon.

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Q: What are the original sources of carbon?
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What are the natural sources of Carbon Dioxide?

There are many natural sources of Carbon Dioxide. These sources mainly come from respiration, decomposition and the ocean releasing carbon dioxide.

What are the carbon sources of photoautotrophs?

carbon dioxide

What are three sources of carbon on earth?

A source of carbon is any thing that releases carbon. Animals, plants and fossils are three main sources of carbon.

What sources are the original records of an event?

Primary sources.

What are some examples of carbon sources?

Some carbon sources are: plants, oceans, forests and lots of other things.

What is the main sources of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere?

The main sources of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is organisms. This is because the undergo cellular respiration that releases carbon dioxide.

What is the sources of carbon atoms?

Elements can not be created. The earth made carbon.

What are the sources of carbon?

Fossil remains

Carbon dioxide sources?

There are so many sources of carbon dioxide. Some of these sources include decomposition, burning of fossil fuels, release from the oceans and so much more.

What is a source of carbon?

Good sources of carbon include Coke, Charcoal and wood

What are the main sources of carbon dioxide?


What are sources of organic compounds?

carbon and hydrogen

What is the sources of carbon monoxide?

burning anything

What are the synthetic sources in aspirin?

there is oxygen and carbon

What are some sources of carbon dioxide?

Sources of carbon dioxide are from the burning of fossil fuels from both cars and factories. Also, volcanic vents add a large amount of carbon dioxide to our atmosphere.

What is the original name of carbon?


What are to sources of pollution caused by carbon monoxide?

You and your question!!!

Natural sources of carbon dioxide?

Burning and respiration .

What are the sources of carbon dioxide Internal and External?

what is science

How an organization can improve it carbon footprint?

This is possible by using sources of energy which do not release carbon dioxide.

Carbon Monoxide from cigarettes causes?

The same as carbon monoxide from other sources at the same DOSE.

What is the half life of carbon-14 and what does this refer to?

The half-life of carbon-14 is about 5700 years. Some sources say 5730, but I don't know the accuracy of that number. In the case of carbon-14, this is the period of time for half the original material to decay to nitrogen-14. This is useful in carbon dating, where the ratio of carbon-14 to carbon-12 and carbon-13 is measured, giving an estimate for the age of a carboniferous (plant material) sample.

Is it true that carbon films are formed when a thin film of carbon is left forming a silhouette of the original organism?

Yes it is true that carbon films are formed when a thin film of carbon is left forming a silhouette of the original organism.

What are the sources of the atmospheric carbon dioxide?

We can find many sources. Burning in open air is main source.

What is the original source of natural gas?