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What are the origins of the Spanish language?

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The Spanish language developed mainly from Latin.75% of the Spanish language is Latin in origin. The other 25% is mainly from Arabic. In the Americas, the native languages have had a huge influence on the language. The are hints of Germanic influence (mainly from Visigoth). Influence from Basque and Celtic languages is debatable. French has had a small effect on Spanish.
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What language does the word tortilla origins?


How many words in the Spanish language are of French origin?

Spanish and French words both have Latin origins, which is why a lot of their words are similar. So there may be a few Spanish words with french origins, but very few.

Is tornado a Mexican word?

No. First of all, Mexican is not a language; Spanish is. The word tornado is believed to have origins in both Spanish and Latin.

What is the origin of the name Xavier?

The given name Xavier has origins in the Arabic language, carrying the meaning of "illuminated", or "bright". Early origins in the French, Spanish Basque, and Spanish languages carry the meaning of "the new house", or "the owner of the new house".

What word has Latin origins?

60% of the English language has Latin origins

What is the meaning of 'el sol' in Spanish?

The meaning the of the words "el sol", from the Spanish language, is "sun". Further elaborations and origins of the words may be found on the site "SpanishDict".

What are the origins of the Lithuanian language?

Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language.

What is the the official language of Spanish?

Spanish. Spanish is a language.

If you are Portuguese are you of Spanish origins?


What people invaded Spain whose language influenced the development of Spanish?

The Moors from North Africa invaded Spain in 710. They had some influence on the Spanish language. For example Al-Andalus became Andalucia. But by far the largest influence was the Latin of the Romans. Spanish, like French, Italian, and Portuguese is a Romance Language, meaning it's origins are in Latin.

What are the origins of the word Manhattan?

The Delaware language.

What language do you speak in Spanish?

If you are speaking in (the language) Spanish it is Spanish. The national language spoken in Spain is Spanish.

Are the Italian language and French language the same?

No, although they both have Latin origins.

How and when was speech developed?

It is generally agreed that the origins of language are closely tied to the origins of modern human behavior.

Where did Spanish language originate?

The Spanish language originated in Spain

Where did the Spanish originate?

Spanish language came from the latin language

What languages are spoken in Argentina and how does this reflect the ethnic origins of the people who live there?

Official lenguage spanish .....ethnic origins italian spanish and native indian among others

Which language did the Spanish language originate from?

Like many languages, Spanish originated from the Latin language.

What is french language and where it is spoken?

French is spoken in France, a middle European country. It's a very old language that originates from Latin. It's similar, because of origins from Latin in both counrties, to Spanish and slightly like Italians.

Were did the language spanish camo from?

Its not a language. (spanish camo) is another way of saying Spanish Camouflage.

How do you say Spanish language in french?

"L'espagnol" (Spanish) or "la langue espagnole" (the Spanish language).

What is the spanish word for the word language?

The word for language in Spanish is idioma.

Is Spanish the official language of Egypt?

No, Spanish is not the official language of Egypt. Arabic is the official language of Egypt.

Why is Spanish the primary language in Mexico?

Spanish is the primary language in Mexico because it was conquered and colonized by the Spanish.

Is 'Rojas' an Italian last name?

No, Rojas is not an Italian last name. The surname instead traces its origins back to the Spanish language, with the English translation "reds." The pronunciation of the feminine plural adjective will be "RO-khas" in Spanish.

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