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What are the painball laws in California?

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their is no againts paintballing go can go to an abandond homeand play in side keep in mind that the place can not have a sign that says keep out or no traspassing. police ca not take your gone unless you are hurting a human being or a animal you can shoot each other knowing that anybody else can't get hurt have fun guys paintballing isnot against the law!

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How old to own a painball gun?

You must be 18 to purchase paintball equipment.

What are the auto laws in California?

California has many thousands of pages of laws concerning automobiles and their use. The best place to find specific laws in California would be the Vehicle Code section of the California DMV website, which can be searched for the individual laws you may be looking for.

Who inherits an intestate estate in CA?

See link for full text of the California laws of intestacy.See link for full text of the California laws of intestacy.See link for full text of the California laws of intestacy.See link for full text of the California laws of intestacy.

Do California laws apply in Jamaica?

No, because it's outside of california, and Jamaica has to apply its own laws.

How old do you have to be to play painball?

Insurance requires fields to make the minimum age ten.

What is the law for dating minors in California?

There are no laws regarding dating in California. The only laws apply to sexual contact.

What are the key differences in bankruptcy laws between Florida and California?

Bankruptcy laws are federal so there is probably no difference in bankruptcy laws between Florida and California.

What are the current California vehicle emission laws?

There are several laws govrning emissions in the state of California. You can revie all of the las and penalties at

Where in California can someone find information on DUI laws?

California DUI laws can be found on the website for the California DMV. You can also find information on the privately owned DMV website, which covers every state's laws.

When is it legal to date a minor in California?

There are no laws about dating. There are specific laws about sexual activity and the age of consent is 18 in California.

Where can play paintball with your friends?

Indoor painball areas, or search online for outdoor woods near you.

Will a 50 cal painball gun hold 68cal painballs?

The hopper will, but it won't be able to fire them.

What are the Divorce laws in California regarding affairs?

California is a no-fault state.

Where can one find details of the California DUI laws?

The California Department of Motor Vehicle will have information on what the DUI laws are in the California. Another resource would be to search the library for such information

What two legislative bodies make the state laws in California?

The California State senate, and the California State assembly are responsible for making new laws for the state of California. The state of California's legislature has a democratic majority.

What are the laws on a legal separation in the state of California?

what are the laws on legal separation dates and dissolution. when do income and debts considered separate? in the state of california.

Does California marriage laws apply if you where married in Arizona but live in California?

yes it does!

Is it legal to be gay in California?

Yes, there are no laws against being gay in California.

Does California have copyright laws?

Copyright is a federal law which would be valid in California.

What lemon laws are in place in California?

California has the same lemon laws as the rest of the country as the laws are federal. They allow you to back out of a purchase with in a few days, and to get reimbursed if the vehicle needs excessive repairs.

Where can I learn more about California car insurance laws?

You can go to There you will be able to learn about all the California car insurance laws that you will need to know.

Where can one find information about California drunk driving laws?

There are many places where one can find information about California drunk driving laws. One can find information about California drunk driving laws at popular on the web sources such as DMV CA and Nolo.

Is there a website that explains the California car insurance laws?

Yes there is in fact a website that explains California car insurance laws. If you go to, you will be able to learn all the information you need to know about these laws.

Why wont some online dealers sell guns to California?

Because of California laws.

What are punishments for domestic violence in California?

Check California State Laws on Domestic Violations.