What are the parts of Pennsylvania?

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Eastern Pennsylvania is mostly farmlands in rural areas, or small, medium, and large cities.

Cutting diagonally across the state from northeast Pennsylvania (but beginning in Maine) through southwest Pennsylvania are the Appalachian Mountains. This is an old mountain range, older than the Rocky Mountains. The Appalachian Mountains were formed when the Super Continent ripped apart. As part of the Appalachian Mountains in Pennsylvania is the Allegheny Mountain range. At the southern-central border of Pennsylvania the Blue Ridge Mountains (part of the Appalachians) go through part of Maryland and Virginia. The Appalachian Mountain range extends far into the southern states, ending just north of the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

So, the central part of PA (most of it) are mountainous. These mountains created a huge barrier to westward movement during colonial days. Migration did not occur until the mid to late 1700s. Obviously, there are deep valleys near the mountains. The valleys are lush, perfect for agriculture/farming.

Western Pennsylvania (north and south) are rolling hills and some flatter lands (but not nearly as flat as Ohio to the west). SW PA has some steep hills that pedestrians walk in cities, but it is strenuous walking.

All of the State of Pennsylvania has creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, and manmade dams. These provide plentiful fishing and irrigation of crops. The State has warm to hot/humid weather in summers; ice, snow, and cold temps in winters.

Pennsylvania is a beautiful Statte with thick forests, plentiful game/fish, scenic views, and adequate employment opportunities in cities.

How does the cost of living in Pennsylvania compare to other parts of the US?

Answer . You can find a chart on the cost of living by state at: http://ded.mo.gov/researchandplanning/indicators/cost_of_living/index.stm. Look at the last chart at the bottom of the page. It can be copied into an excel spreadsheet if you wanted to manipulate the data.. Alternatively you can g ( Full Answer )

Where would you file a WCI claim for an injury that took place on your part-time job in Pennsylvania if your full time job is in Delaware.?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIf the injury took place at your part-time job in PA, you would have to file a claim with that company which, as a part-time employee may not be possible. But the full time company has absolutely no liability.\n. \n . \n A WCI claim would not be approved if the person ( Full Answer )

Why was Pennsylvania started?

It was started because William Penn thought that the Quakers needed to leave England. So he turned to the king for help. King Charles the 2nd made Penn the proprietor of the large tract of land in North America. it was used as a slave state. later on in 1785 it was used to produce sandwiches by home ( Full Answer )

What are the borders of Pennsylvania?

The Commonwealth borders Delaware to the southeast, Maryland to the south, WestVirginia to the southwest, Ohio to thewest, Lake Erie and the Canadian provinceof Ontario to the northwest, New York to the north, and New Jersey to the east.

Why was Pennsylvania settled?

Because people wanted to settle it. It was very hard for people to live there. Now alot of those people are going to be out doing nothing... lol

Why was Pennsylvania found?

William Penn founded Pennsylvania in order to achieved religiousfreedom. He wanted a colony where he and fellow Quakers would besafe from persecution.

What is Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is a state in the United State It is bordered by New York, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia and Delaware.

Why was Pennsylvania named Pennsylvania?

a Quaker named William Penn came to America to have his own religion. he got the land because the king had owned William's dead fathers money, so instead of giving William his fathers money he gave him the land in America. since Williams thought that the land was going to filled with forests, Willia ( Full Answer )

What was Pennsylvania founded as?

William Penn founded Pennsylvania to allow the Quakers (a group of religious people that thought that all people should be at peace with each other) to live according to their beliefs.

Does Pennsylvania have mountains?

Yes. The Appalachian Mountains run from lower Maine all the way,diagonally, through Pennsylvania, and through numerous States untilthey end just north of Atlanta, Georgia. In Pennsylvania, and aspart of the Appalachian range is The Allegheny Mountains. At theborder with Maryland in south-central PA, ( Full Answer )

Is it humid in Pennsylvania?

It depends on the weather for the day. It's not like Florida. Down there is really humid. But in PA, it also, depends on the seasons of the year.

How do you spell Pennsylvania?

That is the correct spelling of the proper noun (a US state) "Pennsylvania." Pennsylvania (always capitalize the "P")

What presidents were from Pennsylvania?

James Buchanan was the only president who was born and held public office in Pennsylvania and is buried there. His home , Wheatland, in Lancaster. PA is a museum and open to the public. Dwight Eisenhower retired to a farm adjacent to the battlefield in Gettysburg , PA . His retirement home is now ( Full Answer )

What is the topography of Pennsylvania?

It's generally flat around Philadelphia...i believe that's called the Piedmont region. Anyway, the further west you go the more mountainous it gets. Also in the Northeast part of the state are the Pocono Mountains. Once you get through the Appalachians to the west though, it starts to flatten out a ( Full Answer )

How was Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania was named after the Quaker William Penn. Penn(William Penn ) sylvania(land) Pennsylvania= Penn's land

Is Lake Erie part of Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania borders Lake Erie, but only a relatively small part of it. Larger portions are taken up by New York, Ohio, and Ontario.

Why is pennsylvania named Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvainia is named pennsylvania because William Penn got a charter from king charles and he wanted to name it "Sylvania" meaning "woods" . Then he put his last name in the front and it turned out Pennsylvania. Meaning Penn's Woods,.

Where is Pennsylvania?

In the northeastern and Middle Atlantic region of the UnitedStates. It is one of the United States adjacent to New Jersey, New York,Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland.

Is Pennsylvania part of a Deciduous forest?

no because deciduous forests are in north american and since Pennsylvania is a state and not in north america so therefore Pennsylvania is not part of a deciduous forest. thanks:)

Who is the president of Pennsylvania?

The president of Pennsylvania is the president of the United States, Barack Obama . I you meant to ask about the governor of PA, see the related question.

Can there be a tornado in Pennsylvania?

Yes, there can be a tornado in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania averages 17 tornadoes per year. Most of these are in the range of EF0 or EF1, but stronger ones have occured, including one tornado that was rated F5.

If a doctor in private practice has two part time employees in Pennsylvania and one part time position left for a 9 week period due to pregnancy can she be eligible to receive unemployment?

I am thinking no...if she voluntarily left the position, she is not eligible.... I assume she never came back after the pregnancy? Was her job eliminated or did she choose to not return? I am assumng the latter. How many quarters did she work before leaving? Need more information to really answe ( Full Answer )

Is Pennsylvania in England?

No. Pennsylvania is in the northeast region of the United States.It is southwest of the New England States.

Was the colony of Delaware once part of the colony of Pennsylvania?

A Deputy of the Duke governed Delaware from 1664 to 1682 . When William Penn received his land grant of Pennsylvania in 1681, he received the Delaware area from the Duke of York, and dubbed them "The Three Lower Counties on the Delaware River". While never incorporated into Pennsylvania, Delawar ( Full Answer )

Was Pennsylvania part of the Union or the Confederacy?

The Union - very much so. Pennsylvania had a strong free-soil tradition, and its border with slave-owning Maryland was the Mason-Dixon line that separated North from South. Lee placed a high priority on invading Pennsylvania, both for strategic and symbolic reasons. When he twice failed in this, ( Full Answer )

What does Pennsylvania not have?

Pennsylvania does not have ocean front properties or an ocean view.Thus, you cannot find a whale in PA---but you'd hear plenty ofwhopper stories about fish caught (or that got away). It has veryfew places that are flat---but it has unending rolling hills andmountains. It also has no deserts--but ple ( Full Answer )

What are facts for Pennsylvania?

one fact about Pennsylvania is that in Amish country that's the only place where u can get shoow flly pie

Why is Pennsylvania known for Pennsylvania German?

A lot of Germans settled in Pennsylvania. They are called The Deutsch (pronounced do-ich'). People started saying Dutch instead of do-ich'. it was a more English way of saying Deutsch. The Pennsylvania Dutch are German, not Holland Dutch. Germany had the deutsche mark for their currency before the ( Full Answer )

Is Uniontown Pennsylvania in western Pennsylvania?

Uniontown, Pennsylvania is in southwestern Pennsylvania. It is theCounty Seat of Fayette County, Pennsylvania. If starting fromWashington, PA, you can travel old Route 40 East, e.g. The NationalRoad, and be in Uniontown within an hour.

What does Pennsylvania mine?

Pennsylvania is a resource-rich state probably best known for mining anthracite and bituminous coal. Iron and other ores have been mined, as well as non-fuel materials such as aggregate, diabase and other minerals. Historically, the state has also seen a few gold mines, but none of those every reall ( Full Answer )