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I have great respect for the UK and its people. However, their Catholics and their Protestants are separated and don't typically live near each other. The freedom of religion enjoyed by the USA is a great situation. Here it's common for various Protestant and Catholic churches or Jewish synogogues to be situated near each other, with nary a problem. The IRA (Irish Republican Army) is still detonating bombs in this new century, an unfortunate issue. I am thankful the the UK is our closest and most dependable ally.


It's kind of funny they still have a queen. The accent and words they use are amusing. I'm not sure but was it the UK that has or had a terrible fight with bombings between catholics and protestants? That didn't look good. The UK is the US's closest ally.The people are really light skinned because they don't get much sunlight because of latitude and cloud cover. The parliamint is sometimes funny to watch when its occasionally on the news. They seem to have become very liberal like most of Europe. Benny Hill was funny to watch. They have a show called wheeler dealers from the UK on TV here now that's fun to watch. I know people who like to watch the british comedies. They had a lot of good music in the 80s. Just some observations from someone in the US.


A royal family is as traditional in the UK as a president is in the USA. I'm thankful they're our staunch allies, and their prime minister is usually close to us; a state dinner is usually held for England's prime minister when visiting the USA.

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A bit like Americans, only thinner.

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Q: What are the people like in the UK?
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