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The piston rod torque specs for a 2002 Honda accord 4 cylinder are 151 ft lbs

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Q: What are the piston rod torque specs for a 2002 Honda accord 4 cylinder?
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What is the piston rod torque specs for a Honda accord A?

If your engine displacement is 132cc it should be 34

What is the torque for spark plugs on 2001 Honda Accord 4 cylinder?

The correct torque is 13 ft/lbs.

How do you compress rear brake cylinder in a 1993 Honda Accord Wagon Ex?

You need to rotate the piston counter clockwise.

Will an airbag for a 2005 6 cylinder Honda accord work on a 2005 4 cylinder Honda accord?

Yes, they are the same.

How do you change the rear brake pads on a 1998 Honda Accord?

The back brakes on my Honda Accord are disc brakes. After removing the brake cylinder assembly you will see the brake cylinder piston end has a slot in it. The short pin on the back side of the inner brake pad fits into this slot, but also it is used to 'Turn' (clock-wise) the piston back into the cylinder so you fit the assembly back over the new 'thicker' pads. You can not 'press' this piston back into the cylinder.

Would a 1997 Honda Accord sunroof 4 cylinder fit 6 cylinder?

would a 1997 honda accord sunroof 4 cylinder fit a 6 cylinder?

What is the wheel bearing torque specs in ftlbs on a rear wheel bearing for a 1998 Honda Accord?

what is the torque on front wheel bearings for 1998 honda accord

2000 Honda accord 2.3 head torque specs?

Torque specs

Why do you have no compression in the third cylinder in my 1990 Honda accord?

Burnt valve, blown head gasket, hole in piston, severely worn compression rings.

How many horsepower does a 2008 Honda accord have?

4 cylinder 177 H.P. 161 ft/lbs Torque V6 268 H.P. 248 ft/lbs Torque.

What is the Honda CT110 piston to cylinder clearance?


What is the torque of the oil drain plug on a 1990 Honda Accord?

The correct tightening torque for a 1990 Honda Accord oil drain plug is 29 foot pounds. This same torque applies to all Honda oil drain plugs.

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