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Lincoln Highway, Lincoln Park Zoo, Lincoln Tunnel in New York City. There are tons of things named after Abraham Lincoln, just use our lovely internet!

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well many things Lincoln memorial thing and theres a statue of Lincoln in Illinois and other things

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Q: What are the places or things named after Abraham Lincoln?
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What places are named after Abraham Lincoln?

the tiolet document

Who is the Holland Tunnel named after?

The Lincoln tunnel was one of many things named after Abraham Lincoln in New York

For What person was the Lincoln Memorial named?

The Lincoln Memorial was named for Abraham Lincoln

What were the children's named of Abraham Lincoln?

Robert Edward Willie and Tad were the children's named of Abraham Lincoln

Who is the Lincoln center named after?

Abraham Lincoln

Who was Abraham Lincoln dad name?

Abraham Lincoln's father was named Thomas Lincoln.

What is the name of Thomas Lincolin's father?

Thomas Lincoln's father was actually named Abraham Lincoln. The American President, Abraham Lincoln was named after him.

Is Lincoln nabraska named after Abraham Lincoln?


What is the capital that was named after Abraham Lincoln?

Lincoln, Nebraska.

Was Lincoln city named after Abraham Lincoln?


How do you spell the capital of Nebraska?

Lincoln. It was named for Abraham Lincoln.

Did Abraham Lincoln have a brother?

Yes. Abraham Lincoln had a younger brother named Thomas who died in infancy.