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The wide brass friction ring stays between the spring and the forged barrel ring which is around the magazine tube. the narrower beveled ring fits between the brass friction ring and the spring; This is for heavy loads. For lighter loads, place the bevelled ring between the receiver and the spring so the the spring is between the two pieces. Just remember "top heavy" both rings toward the top for heavy loads. auto5man

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Q: What are the positions for the brass recoil ring on the older model brownings?
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Every Browning has a serial number on it. The location depends on the model.

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The recall was because of a wrong size recoil spring. the shot guns recoil would break the buttstock after about 100 rounds.

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More than a 22, less than a 357

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Possible, but, have a gunsmith check it out.

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I just received an A-5 recoil spring that was stated to fit the Remington model 11 12 gauge with a 5 round magazine tube . The A-5 spring was 3" longer than the original model 11 spring. Will it fit? Yes; after I shorten it.

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This is probably a Remington model 11. It was made on Brownings patent for the auto 5. try a google search using IMAGES, and type in Remington model 11. auto5man

Shotgun marked Browning's Patents Oct 9 1900 dec 17 1901 June 16 1903 and serial number 147889 it's made by Remington Arms can anyone tell you anything about it?

It's a Model 11 - made in 1916. Recoil operated with brass friction, lots of info on web do a search on the Remington Model 11.

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Try I used them to get recoil springs for my Marlin 60. Cheapest price I could find, very quick delivery. Hope this helps.

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This serial number is too high to be the Browning High Power. What model is it? It may be an FN model under brownings patent, but not a Browning arms Co gun. Please be specific about the model and ask again.

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What is value of Remington 24 long rifle lesmok or smokeless greased Brownings patent Oct 24 1916 serial 328056 breaks down Marked USMC Inc Brownings patent Oct 24 1916 Remington Ilion Works Ilion NY?

Model 24's were made from 1922-1935. According to Remington's website, the serial number range of Model 24's is 00001 to 130425.

How does the recoil spring fit in the model 80 and it is so big?

Go to Colt's website and request a ownwer's manual

Does Remington make a recoil pad for a 760 gamemaster?

No, they do not. I called the company directly and they recommended a grind to fit model.

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