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The tank helped end the stalemate caused by trench warfare on the Western Front, bringing WW1 to a speedier conclusion. Tanks however cost the US a lot financially, and a substantial number were captured by the Central Powers and used against her.

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Did the letter writing make positive or negative impacts to the world?

It depends what is written in the letter. Hopefully positive!

What were the United States negative impacts on developing nations after World War 2?

Positive impacts: Medical relief; food.

What is the negative and positive impacts in Africa?

It is travelers come all around the world to see Africa

How have airplanes became negative impacts on the world?

Airplanes have NOT become "negative impacts on the world" - what foolish talk have you been listening to.

What are the negative and positive impacts made by development in science and technology?

The world is better off with science The world would be worst without science C'mon there's has to be a better answer than that!

What was the morale of the troops during World War 1?

Stay positive and not negative (dying, getting a disease)

What are on positive or negative impacts of modernisation?

Positive --- We don't live in caves any more. use of thecnology.. like computers machines do work for us medicines cure some diseases, we live longer Negative --- Pollution Stress in modern world Too many people

Is our technology positive or negative?

Our technology can be viewed as either positive or negative, depending on ethical views of the world.

What are positive and negative impacts of imperialism on the world?

hey ... I'm learning about this in history now... a positive impact includes trading globally which will lead to new inventions and discovery of new materials and a negative impact is the European thinking it was their responsibilty and duty to convert everyone to the "right religion and government" so this caused conflicts world wide...

Did penicillin increase life expectancy?

yes, it it did. The average life span increased by 8-15 years. If you scroll through the following link, you can see the positive and negative impacts that Penicillin had on the world.

Possitive impacts humans have on the Daintree Rainforest?

There aren't many positive impacts that humans have on the Daintree however the rainforest was added to the world heritage list in 1988 and now a large percentage of the rainforest is a national park which means no logging but our negative impacts still out weigh the positives greatly. if you want some info on negative impacts go to has some info on logging , tourism , fossil fuels and development by private enterprise.

Did the WW2 bring more good impacts than bad impacts to the world-?

WW2 had some very good impacts and it also had some negative impacts. Whether one outweighs the other depends on your point of view.

Is the beatles credited with having a positive or negative impact on the modern world?


What were some positive and negative effect of globalization during the Pursuit if Wealth?

The positive effect of the pursuit of wealth during the world overview times was that the United States in the wealtiest country with better health care.The negative effect of the Pursuit of Wealthh During globalization, is the countries that have a lot of population, have a lot of pollution also.

Does propaganda have a positive or negative effect in the world?

Proaganda usually is negative, but sometimes it may be positive: like TV and radio addvertisment.

Did Nikola Tesla have a positive effect on the world?

If you know about electricity, he had both a positive and a negative effect on the world, lol.

What are some impacts on Europe during World War 1 and 2?

some impacts of war 1 and 2 my grandpa was in it

Negative Impacts of a Hot Air Balloon?

I think the negative impact is that people were mad because they couldn't "fly" all over the world.

Disadvantages technology has brought to banks?

The disadvantages include: Implementation Expenses, Job elimination, Money Laundering and Security breaches. As the world develops, more technology will emerge and this technology will have both positive and negative impacts.

What were some negative and positive effects guns had in world war 1?

Douse Any One Know Some Negative And positive Effects guns Had In World War 1 ?

Are there any positive impacts of a hurricane?

no theres no positive impacts on a hurricane its already bad so why in tha world would there be any positives wen threres only negetatives man u people r stupid

What are negative and positive consequences of civilization building?

The negative consequences are that the natural world become reduced. The positive consequences are that the technological advances become increased.

Did nationalism had more positive or negative impact on the people of the world?

nationalism had a more negative affect on people

Was Francisco Pizarro's positive effect or negative effect on the world?

Negative because he killed millions of people.

What are the Negative impacts on fifa 2010 world cup?

May be the epidemic of A.I.d.S and crime increase in South africa.

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