What are the positive effects of technology?


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Positive effect of technology This website is a very good example of a positive effect of technology. Without computers or the internet, no one could get questions answered from all over the world.

Technology aims to provide facilities to people, tries to make their life easy, reduces hardship, brings in business opportunities, jobs.

Short answer:

Technology positively effects us by making tasks easier.

Long answer:

Technology can help people by:

1. Spreading information

2. Doing some things faster than possible by humans (for example, calculators)

3. Doing things more precise than possible by humans (robots used in surgery)

4. Making it less expensive to do normally expensive tasks

5. Finding enjoyment (sometimes)


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The positive effects are personal properties. The negative effects are pollution and global warming.

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Positive effect of technology is to improve life style & safety of human life, as well as improve the environment of this planet for the future.

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The positive effect of technology on the environment is that it has made life a lot easier and effective through various types of technology. The disadvantage of technology on environment is that it has led to more cases of pollution.

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Technology helps employees do their jobs faster. One downfall to technology is the fact that many people have to be trained for weeks in order to learn how to use it.

Information technology will speed up everything. The only negative of it when people become so dependent to it that it can not move with it.

Anything that is created can have a positive and negative side. I would say that developments in technology such as computers and digital technology have had an amazingly positive effect on society in allowing us to not be tied to a specific location for work for example, or in terms of being able to have information available in an instant.

Negative: loss of culture, the country was split up and no longer unified Positive: advanced in technology, medicine, education

Some positive effects of technology has had on humans were some including new medical discoveries, sex changes, cancer preventing drugs, some lessening of the racism to the gay and lesbian people and finally the fact that more faster ways of travel have been developed.

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