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- the energy released from enriched uranium is higher compared to natural uranium
- the amount of uranium needed for a reactor is lower
- research reactors work only with enriched uranium
- atomic bombs have highly enriched uranium or plutonium

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Q: What are the positive enriched uranium?
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Is Uranium-238 enriched uranium?

Enriched uranium: uranium with more than 0.7 % uranium 235. Uranium 238 is not enriched uranium.

What is differentiation enriched uranium?

Enriched uranium is an uranium with more than 0,7 % uranium 235.

What element if often enriched and used in nuclear bombs?

Uranium is enriched in the isotope uranium-235, producing uranium-238 as waste.

How much is enriched uranium?

Uranium can be enriched to 99,9 %.But usually, for the use in nuclear reactors, the enrichment is under 20 %.

Is plutonium and enriched uranium the same thing?

Plutonium and enriched uranium are different materials.Enriched uranium is uranium with a concentration of the isotope 235U greater than the natural concentration of 0,7 %.

What are the hazards of Uranium?

Uranium is toxic and radioactive; the highly enriched uranium has a risk of criticality.

When uranium will blast?

Uranium will blast only when a mass of enriched uranium attain the critical mass.

Does uranium need to be enriched in order to be used in a nuclear reactor?

Some nuclear power reactors work with low enriched uranium; CANDU reactors work with natural uranium.

Is uranium used in missiles?

Only if these missiles transport bombs with enriched uranium.

How many moles are in a 140 grams of uranium?

divide 140 by the atomic weight of the uranium you want to know about. it will be different if you are asking about natural, enriched, or depleted uranium and how much its enriched or depleted.

What are the disadvantages of enriched uranium?

Disadvantages of enriched uranium:- it is very difficult to prepare- can be used for bombs- the price is prohibitive- need of a complicate and expensive technology

What is the Uranium bomb?

A bomb containing highly enriched uranium (in the isotope 235U) as explosive.

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