When uranium will blast?

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Uranium will blast only when a mass of enriched uranium attain the critical mass.

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Q: When uranium will blast?
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Is unearthed uranium susceptible to reaction if it were exposed to an atomic bomb blast?


Fun slogans for Uranium?

Critical mass is the blast! Proud sponcer of the atom bomb

Chemistry of the Atom Bomb?

Checking the internet, it seems to have been Uranium-235 isotope. I thought it was a different Uranium. There are a lot of articles about the resulting chemical isotopes that were created by the blast.

How do you blow up uranium?

You can blow uranium up with any conventional explosive. It's quite simple. But you can't just "blow up uranium" to make a nuclear blast. If your question is related to using uranium to make a nuclear weapon, there is a different question for that. A link to it can be found below.

Radiation is one of the long-term effects of a nuclear detonation wich of the fallowing type of radiation is emitted only during detonation?

Mostly Uranium 235, Uranium 238, and Plutonium 239 Also fission fragments. If your talking about any kind of radiation then it would be thermal radiation from the heat blast. When you split the Uranium atom you get 2 Neutrons, 2 protons + 2 fission fragments. 1 of the 2 neutrons will be uranium 235 and the other plutonium 239. the radiation from a nuclear blast will at first be heat. This will be continious until the energy that created it is depleated. Note Uranium 238 is weaker than Uranium 235 and it absorbs neutrons. Uranium 235 has a far greater Neutron density (99.3%) Uranium 238 = (0.7%)

Is Uranium-238 enriched uranium?

Enriched uranium: uranium with more than 0.7 % uranium 235. Uranium 238 is not enriched uranium.

What Are Some Compounds That Have Uranium In Them?

Uranium dioxide, triuranium octaoxide, uranium triiodide, uranium tetraiodide, uranium tetrachloride, uranium tetrafluoride, uranium hexafluoride, ammonium diuranate, uranium sulphide, uranium nitride, uranium carbides, uranium silicides and hundred others.

Common compounds of uranium?

uranyl nitrate, uranium dioxide, uranium octaoxide, uranium hexafluoride, uranyl acetate, uranium tetrachloride, uranium carbide, uranium nitride, uranium tetraiodide, uranium sulfide, ammonium diuranate

What are common compounds in which uranium is found?

uranyl nitrate, uranium chloride, uranium tetrafluoride, uranium hexafluoride, uranium dioxide, uranium octaoxide, uranyl acetate, uranyl sulfate, uranyl oxalate, uranium carbide, uranium nitride, uranium sulfide, uranium sulfate, uranium selenide, etc.

What compounds contain the element uranium?

uranium dioxide, uranyl acetate, uranyl nitrate, uranium octaoxide, uranium tetrachloride, uranium hexafluoride, uranyl sulfate, uranium nitride, uranium sulfide, uranium carbide, ammonium diuranate, uranium oxinate, uranium selenide

Uranium-235 and uranium-238 are different of uranium?

Isotopes Uranium 235 and uranium 238 are only natural isotopes of the element uranium.

What are the masses of uranium and in uranium oxide?

The percentage of uranium in uranium dioxide is 88,149.

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