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What are the possible causes of vaginal labial swelling?

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You may have had some chafing from the rough skin on his hands. Wash yourself thoroughly, wear loose cotten panties, and wait to see what happens tomorrow.

2006-08-01 20:50:31
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Q: What are the possible causes of vaginal labial swelling?
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Is the vaginal opening of all women situated in between their vaginal folds?

The vaginal opening is situated to the back of the vaginal folds, between the anus and the urethra. The urethra is the opening for urine to exit the body, it is the small opening in the center of the labial folds.

Is labial swelling a sign of pregnancy?

WOMEN who are pregnant or have been. ... past couple weeks I have noticed a lot of swelling down there, no pain(uncomfortable thats it) and real puffy tissues on each side. ...

When do girls get turned on?

Approximately four or five times a night, or during each period of REM, women experience labial, vaginal, and clitoral engorgement.

Where is the labial located?

'' Labial " pertains to " Labium" which is an anatomical reference to the lip.

What is the duration of Labial Geyser?

The duration of Labial Geyser is 60.0 seconds.

Is labiaplasty or labial reduction or labial beautification and labial reduction are same type of plastic surgery?

Yes. They All Are Same Type Of Plastic Surgery !!!

What is the superior labial frenulum?

The Superior Labial Frenum is an oral cavity structure normal to everybody. The description of a normal Superior Labial Frenum are anatomically, embryonically, and histologically.

What causes a hanging bump from the upper labial frenulum?

i have the same problem.. and cant figure out what it is. i have a lil pink (same color as the inside of my mouth) piece of skin hanging from my upper labial frenulum... i cant figure out what it is.. idk how long i have had it, but im surious to what it is.

After a labial frenectomy how soon should braces be put on?

You Have a labial frenectomy during the period of wearing braces

What is a labial cyst?

A Labial Cyst is a Dermatological condition of the Labium(Lip). It is a fluid filled cavity inside the lip.

What is a labial frenulum?

The Labial Frenulum is a band of connective tissue between the inside of the upper lip and the maxillary region in Humans

What is a labial blister?

A blister on the labia

What is the function of labial palp?

a) The labial palps control the amount of food digested. They can also be used to sort food before ingestion by size or chemical layout.

What is the probable function of the maxillary and labial palps?

The probable function of the maxillary and labial palps of grasshoppers are chemosensory function. These palps are spread out on each side of the insect.

What does lipstick mean in spanish?

lápiz labial ...

How do you spell lip gloss in spanish?

brillo labial

What is the cpt code for labial adhesions lysis?


What is a inferior labial frenulum?

The inferior labial frenulum is the connective tissue connecting the bottom lip to the bottom gums in the mouth. They can be prone to pain or tearing depending on the individual.

What does it mean to have labial rejuvenation?

For some women, having enlarged labia minora (inner genital lips) can be functionally or emotionally bothersome. Thus, labial rejuvenation fixes this problem

What is the usual cost of labial frenectomy?

In my dentist's office it is $250

What is the medical terminology for a shortened labial frenum?

tongue tie

What is the ICD-9 Code for labial frenum?


What is the medical term meaning pertaining to the lip?


Superior labial frenulum?

It is the little part of skin on your upper gum

What is The surface of the tooth that faces towards the hard palate?

Labial surface