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Q: What are the precautions for worms?
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Name 2 precautions against receiving computer worms?

get weed killer and slaughter the worms

Can you get worms from eating bacon?

No,But be cautious of what you eat make shure it is properly cooked if packaged it will be safe but take precautions on raw products

Can you use garlic vitamin to get rid of dog worms?

No, the best thing to do is go to the vet. Take precautions by giving it it's monthy heartworm and roundworm meds. I recommend K9 advantix 2

What is the laboratory precautions?

5 laboratory precautions

What is the difference between standard precautions and universal precautions?

Where infectious diseases are the issue, there is no difference between universal precautions and standard precautions. The suite of procedures called "universal precautions" should now be the standard precautions used in all cases of patient contact.

What precautions can be taken for cloudburst?

precautions taken for cloudburst

Are precautions requried for an otoscope?

No special precautions are required

What is a scriber safety precautions?

safety precautions for a scriber

Is chickenpox precautions another name for universal precautions?

No, chickenpox precautions and universal precautions are different. Universal precautions is the principle of treating all patients as if they were known to have an infection. Chickenpox precautions are a specific approach to isolation that takes into account both respiratory isolation and contact isolation.

How do you use precautions in a sentence?

I'll assume that you mean the word 'precautions'. "There were many precautions we had to take before parachuting."