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Depends on the size and where you live. Coyotes are known for snatching up small dogs or cats to eat. Wolves can attack dogs, also, as well as big cats or bears.

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Great answer! But it is also true that humans are most likely the largest group of dog predators, mainly in Asia.

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What are dogs predators?

the predators of a dog are alagator and a snake

What are the predators of the wild dog?

Lions and Humans

What are the predators of an African hunting dog?


Does a dog have any natural predators?


What predators does the Siberian husky have?

A husky has no predators. It is a dog, which can be considered an apex predator if it lived in the wild.

What dog eats cheetahs?

Dogs are not natural predators of Cheetah.

How does a dog defend itself from predators?

Biting and running away.

Are huskys predators?

Like all canines, Siberian Huskies are naturally hunters, but as they are a domesticated breed of Dog, they are not officially predators.

What predators kill Siamese cats?

all members in the dog family

Are cats predators or prey?

When you're talking cat & mouse, they're predators. When you're talking cat & dog, they're prey.

What are the predators of a horse?

Horse have many predators(in the wild) moutain lions and bears are the biggest predators. Horses(domesticated) also have many(fake) predators. Like your crop, a helicopter, and that dog barking loudly are just a few.

Is dog a prey or predator?

Dogs are domestic animals (apart from the African Wild Dog), but they are decended from Wolves. Wolves are predators.

Does the African wild dog have any predators?

Lions, hyenas, leopards and humans.

What are some predators of carps?

dog cat frog cow %^%&%^&##@!#$%$^#)(88-098jiguj

Will a dog in my backyard prevent other predators like owls hawks and cats from killing my rabbits?

Not necessarily. Much depends upon the breed and/or personality of the dog. There are some breeds that are natural hunters and the rabbits would be less safe from the dog than from other natural predators.

How do the underground burrows protect prairie dogs from predators?

Most predators cannot fit into the burrows. It gives the prairie dog a place to get away from what is chasing them.

What are the predators of a bunny?

well, some predators of a bunny can be an eagle, a crow, {almost any kind of bird} or maybe even a dog. you'll never know when the dog could snap. even though it's really nice to it.

What are the African Wild Dog predators?

Hyenas - they eat other predators (lions, cheetahs) and the meals that they caught. The travel in packs and frighten many other animals.

What are the predators of a goose?

a coyote,hunting dog,lion,tiger,puma,and unfotunatly a hunter.):

What does a flea gain from a dog?

Food, shelter and warmth. (and protection from the few predators of fleas)

Is a Maltese dog a prey animal?

Canines (dogs) are predators, that is they prey on other animals.

What are the predators and enemies of a hermit crab?

dog and cat eat hermit crab at home

Who are rottweilers predators?

Other Dogs, or maybe the dog catcher if it happens to be roaming the streets.

What is predators of an American bulldog?

Any animal bigger than the dog, thats a carnivore and is hungry.

What are the predators of the German Shepherd dogs?

The GSD has no natural predator being a domesticated breed of dog.