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File a notice with the courts, get a signed order and have the order delivered to you, usally by constable or other official, depending on the local laws. Once you have been served you can usually be evicted within 3 days. Again, depending on the local laws.

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Q: What are the procedures for someone to evict you?
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How long does it take to evict someone in Nevada from a mobile home?

What is the law to evict someone from rental home

How to evict in Tennessee?

Evict in Tennessee must use to commence eviction process as well as procedures for pursuing the actual eviction lawsuit.

When would you be required to evict an adult child?

You are never required to evict someone.

Can you evict someone who has a baby in the winter?

You can in the U.S.

Can a landlord evict someone for any reason?

he cant do it for just any reason you have to realy make a uproar before he can evict you

How do evict someone out your house in sims3?

You go to "..." and click "edit town." Once you are in the town, click on the house you want to evict Sims from, and scroll over the three options. One of them is "evict Sims." choose the Sims you want to evict, and voila!

Can you evict someone over the age of 65?


How do you evict a stepmother after the children's father has passed?

The landlord would follow the normal eviction procedures for the jurisdiction.

How does a landlord evict a tenant after being arrested in Alameda County California?

Follow the eviction procedures in your state

How do you evict someone from your house in Florida?

Go to your local courthouse and obtain an eviction packet, normally available at no charge. Follow the procedures outlined therein. Filing fees and sheriff's fees vary from county to county.

Can you evict without a lease?

Yes a lease is a rental agreement, it has nothing to do with throwing someone out. If they are a renter (with or without a lease) you may evict if you have grounds

When can you not evict someone from your home?

If someone comes to visit and then plans to stay, how long do i have to put that person out?

How do you evict a tenant in Indiana?

If you want to evict someone, you should first see if they will leave on their own. if they will not, you need to file a case and then the Sheriff will serve the papers on them.

Can you evict someone who has a lease?

No, not uinless they're in violation of the lease agreement.

Can you evict someone you let live with you who is not paying you rent?

y r yes have done it if they are payin rent u cant but there and not payin rent u can evict

Can a landlord evict someone living on their property when they haven't signed a lease?


How do I evict someone?

Go to the clerk's office of the county court in your area. They can help you.

Is it legal to evict someone for mental reasons?

Does the landlord have mental reasons or does the tenant? It's against the law for a landlord to discriminate on the basis of disability, inter alia. So a landlord can't evict someone just because he has a mental illness or disability. However if the tenant damages any property, whether it is for reasons related to the illess, he can evict.

How do you evict someone who rents a room?

The same way you evict someone who rents an entire house. You go to court, get an order of some sort, give them 30 days, and done. Hopefully, you have a lease, so the process will go a lot smoother.

Can you evict someone who you let live with you for free and doesn't pay any rent?


Can you evict someone from property that you do not own?

Generally, no. You can evict someone from a property you do not own if you are an "agent" of the owner by virtue of a legal document such as a power of attorney or a management agreement recorded in the land records. You should consult with an attorney who can review the details and explain your options.

Is it legal for someone to kick someone out without notice in New Jersey?

If by "kick out" you mean evict - there are laws and regulations that must be followed.

Can you evict someone before the 6 year rental agreement is up?

Only if they are in breach of the lease.

What steps do i take to evict someone in Colorado with no lease?

This depends on whether the tenant is being evicted for nonpayment of rent. If this is the case you can file quickly but first you must issue a notice to pay or quit. If the landlord is evicting for other reasons they have to follow the procedures of their court for evictions.

Can you evict a tenent with a option to purchase?

can you evict with a option to purchase