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Im not sure what the exact dates are, The one I have was bought by my dad when he was a freshman in high school, that was in 1956, and it was used then. I still have it and its a great gun!!!

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โˆ™ 2004-12-25 21:46:51
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Q: What are the production dates for JStevens Model 58A 410 bolt action with clip?
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What are the production dates for model 547 rifle?

The Remington Model 547 is in production.

Production dates for a savage model 72 rifle?

1972 to 1989

What are the production dates of marlin greenfield model 60 22 log rifle?

The Marlin Glenfield model 60 is one of the rifles many variations that was in production from 1966-1982.

Production dates for Sears Roebuck 22cal rifle model one?

No published data.

What is the year the SearsRobuck JC Higgins model 58310 bolt action 12ga was made and what's it worth?

The Sears 583.10 is a High Standard and the only High Standard bolt action shotgun known is the Model 514. The 514 is worth $125 in excellent condition. Dates of production aren't listed but it's less than 50 years old.

Production dates for Sears Roebuck 22 caliber rifle model number one?

No publicly available information

What is the production date for Remington 700 C6768991?

The C prefix dates your Remington model 700 to the year 1982.

What is the value and production dates of a Pioneer Model 25 22 cal rifle made for Gambles stores Inc?

No published production data; 10-125 USD or so

When was the Ithaca model 37 made?

Without any further info on your specific firearm, the only dates that I can give are from 1937 to 1987. Ithaca made several different variations of the Model 37, some of which went out of production before others. Production did start in 1937, and the last variations of the Model 37 were replaced by (or renamed to) the Model 87 in 1987.

What was the Production Budget for 20 Dates?

The Production Budget for 20 Dates was $66,000.

Production dates of the steven's model 77a 12 gauge pump?

Made by Savage Arms of Chicopee, Mass. 1953 tru 1971

When was a Savage model 5 22 caliber rifle made?

I can't help with the date of production, but I have a model 5 topped with a mossberg # 9 scope (side mounted). I, too, have been trying to seek information about the date of production, but I can only find information starting with model 6. Those dates are between 1935 - 1965

What are the production dates for the model 1938 Daisy Red Ryder carbine air rifle?

Daisy made a model 94 Carbine from 1954 - 1962, they also made a model 111 western carbine from 1963-1978. I can find no information on a Red Ryder 1938 carbine. However the 1938 Red Ryder is still in production.

What year was the westfield browning model 30 get produced?

the western field model 30 was made by stevens.There model number was 520.This model was made with john browning,s patent.As far as production dates I do not have any info,but hope to get some at a latter date.

What was the Production Budget for 50 First Dates?

The Production Budget for 50 First Dates was $75,000,000.

What is ballpark estimate on Ranger Model 36 bolt action rifle mfg dates?

The Ranger 36 cross-references to a Marlin 80 with an adjustable trigger. This model was manufactured from 1935 to 1939.

What is the age of JC Higgins model 103.229?

The JC Higgens, model 103.229 bolt action .22 dates back to the mid to late 1950s making it close to 50 to 60 years old.

When was ruger blackhawk serial number 3808167 made?

Check Ruger website, under customer service, historical data. They have production dates by model, by serial number.

Marlin model 70hc production dates?

Marlin would not give me production totals but the first year of production for the 70HC was 1986 and 1993 was the last year of production. The factory 15 round mag that came in the box with the 70HC "High Capacity" is harder to find than the gun itself. If you do see one now there $30 to $50 depending on condition. Crazy!

How do you date or find the model of a Belgian made Browning bolt action with serial number 4L24384 if you have tried the website and it does not match anything there?

You have a browning model safari bolt action rifle.These fine rifles were made by FN of belguim.The FN mauser action safari model was made during the years 1959-1975.The 4L prefix dates your rifle to the year 1964.I hope this info helps and answers your questions about this fine made rifle.

What is the value of a J Stevens Arms Company Model 84 22Caliber rifle?

The J Stevens Arms Model 84 (not 84 A or 84 B or C, just model 84) production dates to 1930-1936. Very good condition it is worth 150.00. Good, 100.00, fair 75.00.

What are the production dates of SW model 10-6 particularly SN D312995?

Made in the 1969-1970 time frame. Call S&W and they can tell you when it was shipped from the factory.

When was the h and r 22 trapper model sn 1112xx manufactured?

Made from 1924-1942, very spotty records of exact production dates. Yours was likely from the mid 1920s.

What is the model of a lever action Winchester rifle serial number 804586 and what year was it made?

Check on the barrel for the model number, without it, you can't tell when it was made for sure. Most likely, it's one of these models, and if so, these are the manufacture dates: Model 1866 made "after" 1899, Model 1892 made in 1915, Model 1894 made in 1916, Model 65 made in 1915. Hope that helps.

Who made western field model 31 22 cal rifle?

SAVAGE 620-620A model the savage model 620 is a shotgun. numerichs or the blue book (which) have it wrong. the action on mine looks to be either savage or mossberg, probably pre war. i would start by referencing drawing and photos of both makes I recently picked up a Western Field Model 31 from Auction. It is the same as a Mossberg Model R. It was the last of the letter designations given to a .22 rimfire by Mossberg. Production dates fell into the 1930-1932 range. Mossberg began number designations for their .22s in 1933.