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What are the pros and cons between a fiberglass pool vs a liner in a ground pool?

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go with vinyl... fiberglass are plain

with a vinyl u can go "custom" shape and liner pattern... with fiberglass u get what they make and that's it.

2011-09-13 21:06:16
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Pros and cons of fiberglass vs steel walls for Vinyl liner pools?

Fiberglass doesn't rust and can be repaired if need be. steel is much harder to do anything with once things start needing repairs

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What are the pros and cons between a fiberglass and gunite pool?

I am researching the same question and this is what I have found so far: having a "freeze line" is not a good condition for fiberglass pools. Fiberglass pools are cheaper to install and use less chemicals to maintain. I was told the chemicals also do less damage to fiberglass, if any?, than to gunite pools. Fiberglass pools must be filled at all times to avoid "popping up". The only thing that still has me leaning towards gunite is a custom pool shape we have in mind. Hope this helps. I am also trying to decide between fibergalss and gunite. I have been told (by a gunite dealer) that there is a problem with staining in fiberglass pools. Besides a low water level, what else might cause a fiberglass pool to pop up?

What are the pros and cons of converting a vinyl lined pool to a gunite or concrete type in the Texas area?

I have not heard of it being done before I have heard of fiberglass conversions however

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I would like to know the pros and cons of a fiberglass pool vs a concrete pool. Can you give me an idea of price of a fiberglass pool vs concrete Oval shape does not need to be lap size. Also, most energy & chemical efficient pool w/out spending alot ?

the cost for fiberglass pools are chaeper and easier to install.concrete pools are easier to maintain.a fiberglass pool may run you 3,000 to 10,000. A concrete pool run you 12,000 to 30,000 depending on the size and area of residence

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Is gunite or fiberglass better?

A fiberglass pool is better, because it will NEVER need to be resurfaced. A concrete pool will need to be resurfaced and acid washed every few years. Because fiberglass is non porous you save as much as 70 percent on chemicals and about 30 percent on electric bills. Fiberglass is also more friendly on the skin, it is basically like a big bath tub.The idea that fiberglass NEVER needs to be resurfaced is a myth. All fiberglass pools will need new gel coat when the original gel coat, and each succeeding coating, becomes porous. The time frame ranges from 28 years (for just one manufacturer). to as little as 5 years for the worst three manufacturers.Excluding these two extremes, the average fiberglass pool will require new gel coat every 18-20 years. -BillI had a fiberglass finish applied to my in ground cement pool in 1998. I live in Jacksonville, Fl. I enjoyed the smooth texture of the pool and minimal maintenance for several years; but I was never informed that the fiberglass will "de-laminate", causing the leeching of fibers into the water. After several years of tolerating the "itch" from fiberglass, I learned that I could have it "gel coated"; so I hired a team to apply it (2011). They started by sanding down the exposed fibers and quickly discovered several "pockets" or blisters in the fiberglass. When pressure was applied (by stepping on the blister); liquid (water?) seeped out from under it. This started the beginning of a long process of researching alternatives to the fiberglass. In the meantime additional blisters appeared and continued to 'grow'. Six days later, I refilled the pool so that I could use it while the research continues. I will probably have to have the fiberglass removed and an alternative material applied. Right now I am looking at a product called Hydrazzo. It is a cementitious material with a polished finish. I am also investigating the possibility of having a vinyl liner installed; but the jagged edges of the peeling fiberglass would have to be addressed first. I am not unsatisfied with the fiberglass finish - I just wish that I had known that it could and should have been gel coated after 5 or 6 years. Had I done that I probably would not be in the situation that I am today. Gunite versus fiberglass is a personal choice. I prefer a smooth finish to the rough feel of most cementitious materials. Additionally the porous attributes of cementitious materials can make the process of maintaining a proper chemical balance more challenging. Porosity also makes staining a challenge. Just be aware of all the pros and cons before you make this decision.

What is the best type of septic tank -concrete or fiberglass and what are the pros and cons of each type.?

Fiberglass tanks are a later development to the traditional concrete tanks, and many people now see them as a superior product. They are much lighter so transporting them to your location is simpler and being lighter weight means it will take less effort to install. Despite being lighter, fiber glass is actually stronger than concrete and because there are no pores in fiberglass it means that they are not prone to attack by sewer gases that can cause the concrete tanks to deteriorate. This means a fiberglass tank should last longer than a concrete tank.

What are the pros and cons of an inground pool kit vs concrete?

I think you are asking about above-ground, versus a concrete inground. In ground:PROS:Nice looking, more durable/not very suceptable to damage or UV detioration (except for ground shift). Last many years (30+, if maintained well and in good soil) CONS: Expenseive to build. Expensive to repair. Permanent. Ground shifting, as with clay soils, cn cause structural damage. You are stuck with the design/style you have. Above ground:PROS: Cost less. Easy to put up. Easy to take down. Easy/inexpensive to get the latest style/features CONS: Some people consider them tacky compared to inground. More subject to damage and UV deterioration. Do not last very many years(3-5) I have inground gunite pool. I like the look of it, but if I were starting from scratch I would probably opt for an above-ground pool. == == Pros: don't have to deal with walls cracking, easier to install and cheaper, easier to clean since it has a smooth surface, quicker to install. Cons: can't let your animals swim on it for they might scratch the liner, can be subject to puncture and locating it could be hard.

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