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I hope this might help, I have dish network and before I asked the same thing too. My dad has cable, I have dish, so who is better? Well we both get basically the same channels in a day to day basis, but there is a better plan difference. I have dish, DSL, Phone through Sprint. Mmmmm..... so does my dad. He has cable tv, phone, and road runner all for about $84.00 a month!!! I can beat that cause my bill is $104.00 a month for the same features. Now you might say, bad weather you loose your signal on dish. Yeah your right about that! Well when bad weather comes not only will your cable be effected, but if you loose power like me and my dad in hurricane Rita, my dad had no cable, internet, or phone because it works through the cable modem. At least my phone worked so I can call the emergency crew, my dad had to you his cell phone, but even at that the network was down and he couldn't get a signal. Way your odds, I picked the phone with Sprint cause it never failed yet! Keo

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Q: What are the pros and cons of cable television?
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The pros and cons of a Songy Digital Camcorder include the basic pros and cons of any digital camcorders. Some of the pros are the compact design and the ability to connect to a computer or a television for large-screen viewing. Some of the cons are the price and the battery life.

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Satellite TV generally has more channels that most people will never watch. The reception is heavily dependent on weather, overhead air traffic, sun spots, solar storms. Depending on the package selected, it can be more cost effective but most do not give you local programming although that is beginning to change with the satellite companies offering a second dish/antenna to pull in the local programs. Cable is by far the most stable (I'm speaking of Comcast Cable)and has better packages to choose from. I think of Satellite TV as a choice where cable is not available.

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