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I think it is a great idea. You get an idea of what marriage would be like. It's much better to break up before getting married than to go through the whole wedding thing, (if your into that whole big wedding thing). And soon after find out you really aren't compatable. My wife and I lived together for 3 1/2 years before we got married. We just celerbrated our 6th wedding anniversary and things could not be better. Before decieding on getting married you should make sure you agree on kids. To have them or not. I strongly urge you NOT to have kids. We don't. Children are one of major reasons for divorce. If you do decied to have kids wait several years before you do. Spend time as a couple. Getting married and having kids right away gives no time for you to grow close as a couple. You would go from being single to having a family. There is a huge difference between being married and having a family with kids. Taking care if kids is a HUGE responsibility. Don't let your parents or his/hers pressure you into having kids. They may want grandchildren, but remember it will be you and your partner who is with the kids all the time, not the grandparents. When grandparents get tired of the grandkids they send them home. You would not be able to do that. I found no cons to living with my wife before we got married. She is my soul mate.

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Q: What are the pros and cons of living together before marriage?
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