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Smell, look,taste,texture.

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Different qualities of efficient food service personnel?

good and efficient

Is organic food expensive?

Organic food is generally more expensive because of its good, healthy qualities.

Why is good tasting food unhealthy?

Because many of them are unnatural. Natural foods that taste good are good for you. By processing foods, we destroy the good healthy qualities and enhance the qualities that make them taste good. So we end up with good tasting food that has no nutrition, or even worse, has chemicals that are dangerous to our bodies.

What are Hera's good qualities?

she has no good qualities

What are the qualities of a good manager?

What are the qualities of a good manager

What are the qualities of good researcher?

the qualities of a good researcher like me is that your qualities are good to the creation of god just like the inviroment

Are figs a good diet food?

They're not low in calories, but otherwise have good nutritional qualities. Great for keeping your system regular.

What are the good qualities of a good paragraph?

the qualities of a good paragraph are unity, coherence, and emphasis.

What are some qualities of a good principal?

what are some qualities of a good principal

Qualities of a good paragraph?

Qualities of a good paragraph?

What are qualities of a good letter writing?

There are many qualities of good letter writing. These qualities include addressing the person professionally, good grammar, and precise information.

What are some good qualities cheetah have?

they have amzing qualities

What are the Qualities of a good computer scientist?

Pls i want to know the qualities of a good computer scientist

Qualities of an online system?

what the qualities of of a good online system?

What are qualities of a good boyfriend?

The qualities are freindship,humor,and respect.

What are some qualities of a good boss?

A good boss is an encourager. They are visionary, they lower expenses when they can, they provide morale by having contests and bringing in food. They lead by example.

What are the qualities of birds?

they would have strong qualities because they would have to fight for food and space

Good qualities in a person?

Everyone is unique and have their own individual "good" qualities. Humour, loyalty, compassion, trustworthy,friendship,citizenship, are some of the few good qualities a person should have.

What are the qualities of a good caregiver?

patience, love, honesty and passion to help others are the qualities of a good caregiver

Qualities of good report?

Qualities of Good Report is: Brief, Clear, Concise, Precise, Accurate, Understandable.

What are the characteristic or qualities of literature?

qualities of a good literature are universality and sincerity .

Qualities of a good partner?

Qualities of a good partners are mutual understanding and adjustments besides compromising/accommodative nature.

What are the qualities of a good precis?

Some of the main qualities of a good precis are completeness, compactness, brevity, clarity, and coherence.

What are good qualities to put on a job application?

There are many qualities that employers may consider positive qualities. Employers may consider education, prior work history, and organization good qualities for a job application.

What are the qualities of a good high school teacher?

There are many really wonderful qualities found in a good high school teacher. These qualities include compassion, love, and determination.