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What are the qualities of a strategist?

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A strategist should be able to work out a plan to achieve something. The plan should indicate some various negative or positive outcomes and how to deal with each outcome.

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What are the qualities of strategist?

Qualities of a good strategist include confident, brave, seductive and amoral. A strategist must also be excellent at taking and criticizing information. Must also be curious.

Is a rhinoceros a r-strategist?

no it is a k-strategist

Is a rat a r-strategist?

No ?

Are Flamingos K-Strategist or R-Strategist?

Flamingos are K-strategists

Why bees are R-strategist?

Bees are not R-strategist. Bees are considered to be K-strategist because they live in stable environments and produce few offspring.

How do you use strategist in sentence?

He's quite the little strategist.

What is a r-strategist?

A species characterized by having rapid development, high motility, and a high reproductive rate relative to a K-strategist.

Is a spider r-strategist or a k-strategist?

An r-strategist because r-strategists are small, have a shorter life span, and have many offspring. Examples would be spiders, mice, fish, bugs, ect.

Is an octopus is r-strategist or k-strategist?

Most organisms lie on a continuum between r-strategists and K-strategists, and the octopus is one of those. The octopus lays a lot of eggs, typical of an r-strategist, but also invests parental care into its offspring, typical of a K-strategist.

Who was the first great western strategist?

The first great western strategist is Alexander the Great.

How do you use Strategist in a sentence?

"The strategist watched from atop of the hill, as his master plan unfolded on the battlefield below."

What actors and actresses appeared in The Strategist - 1971?

The cast of The Strategist - 1971 includes: Alona Alegre

What are the release dates for The Strategist - 1915?

The Strategist - 1915 was released on: USA: 7 May 1915

What rhymes with strategist?


When was John Sears - political strategist - born?

John Sears - political strategist - was born in 1940.

When was John MacDonell - political strategist - born?

John MacDonell - political strategist - was born in 1966.

When did Bernard Brodie - military strategist - die?

Bernard Brodie - military strategist - died in 1978.

When was Bernard Brodie - military strategist - born?

Bernard Brodie - military strategist - was born in 1910.

What is Alexander the great unique qualities?

The great unique quality of Alexandra was determination. He crossed all the levels which any Human did in his life to get what he wanted. He was good administrator and strategist. He knows how to implement the things which were in his mind.

Are fish r strategists?

Yes, r-strategist are known for reproducing quickly; humans can be classified as r-strategist as well.

What are the release dates for The Little Strategist - 1917?

The Little Strategist - 1917 was released on: USA: 16 April 1917

Is strategist a personality trait?


What is a Prussian strategist?

Frederick the Great.

Is a dandelion an r strategist?


Are dogs K-Strategist?

Yes, they are. K-strategists nurture their young, have a small amount of babies with a high survival rate.