What are the questions at a job interview?

Experienced interviewers will ask savvy questions such as "tell me about your experiences with / in .." that will encourage open-ended responses from you. Other forms of the same type of question will be "describe how you ..." or "how did you handle situations where ..."

Inexperienced or poor interviewers will fall back on old habits: "why did you .." questions usually trigger defensive responses. Worse are the "strengths and weaknesses" questions. Many suggested responses are posted on this site.

Prepare for both types of interviewer. Respond with "I" and not "we" so the interviewer can determine what was your contribution as part of any team.

To buy a little time, repeat part of the question: "You asked what was my proudest accomplishment? OK let me think for a moment ..."

Your first response sets the tone for the rest of the interview.