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What are the rear axle ratios for a 1978 Corvette automatic?


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I have a 1978 corvette and was curious too about the ratios.From what I found on the web they are 3.08:1 for an automatic and 3.36:1 for a manual transmission.


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From the year 1953 to the year 1962, after that it was a trans axle.

Automatic transmission AW71 (740 Turbo) Reduction ratios: 1st gear 2.45:1 2nd gear 1.45:1 3rd gear 1:1 4th gear 0.69:1 Reverse 2.21:1 Rear Axle : Reduction ratios: 3.73:1 Automatic transmission ZF 4HP-22 (with lock-up)(740 GL, GLE)Reduction ratios: 1st gear 2.73:1 2nd gear 1.56:1 3rd gear 1:1 4th gear 0.73:1 Reverse 2.09:1 Rear Axle : Reduction ratios: 3.91:1

In the back of the car near the rear axle....

Electric automatic tran axle.

It will bolt in, but you need to verify that they have the same ratios.It will bolt in, but you need to verify that they have the same ratios.

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i dont know what sizes they are,but the ratios in front and rear diffs will be exactly the same as each other.

1st 3.250 2nd 1.650 3rd 1.033 4th 0.823 final 3.888

If it's automatic, it is most likely a non ABS Chrysler 8.25 axle with 3.55 gears.

It has 240HP, but if it has the 3.07:1 rear axle where it comes with performance exhaust, it puts out 245HP.

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Electronic Automatic Trans Axle. It is the transmission.

automatic transmission would have a 3.23 axle ratio.manual transmission would have a 3.42 axle ratio.

Look on the sticker in your glove box:G80 Differential, automatic lockerGT4 Rear axle, 3.73 ratioGT5 Rear axle, 4.10 ratioGU6 Rear axle, 3.42 ratio

Either the circumferences, the diameters or the radii: the ratios will be the same in all three cases.

It does affect overall ratio. The transmission ratios, the axle ratio, and tire size all figure into overall ratio.

Depending on axle ratios, most AMX with the 290ci engine could do about 115 to 120 mph.

I have a 2000 E-150 with 5.4L and limited slip axle, not sure the axle ratio, but mine is listed for towing around 6500 lbs. This information is in the regular owners manual for all engine sizes and axle ratios for that year in the same owners manual.

Open the drivers door and look for an information sticker It will show an axle code Limited slip axles will have a letter first and then a number ( if it's 2 numbers then it is a conventional - non limited slip axle ) The axle codes also represent different gear ratios )

Corvettes have much more powerful engines than Camaro's, which makes them faster...(to state the obvious)...If I had to choose one to be better around corners, it would be the Corvette because it's lighter and has a slightly more sophisticated rear axle.

Yes, but watch the ratios. Check the build sheet on both cars. GT denotes the rear end gear ratios. GT3 is 3:73. Probably what they have. If both cars have like transmissions, they should be the same. gear ratio is 3.55

Where the passenger side CV axle enters the transmission.

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