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BMW engines tend to be fragile. If they've overheated, they tend to warp a head and even crack a block. If a head warps, the head gasket will leak and the engine will ALWAYS overheat. On the other hand, if it hasn't gone that far yet, you could have a problem with the thermostat, radiator, radiator fan /fan clutch (depending on what you have) or water pump. If it's the radiator, a good radiator shop can usually clean/repair it. A stuck thermostat is quite inexpensive and an easy repair. The water pump is a little more expensive. If you suspect the head gasket you can purchase a test stick that detects the presence of carbon monoxide in the coolant. If you detect carbon monoxide, the head is warped.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-29 03:52:52
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Q: What are the reasons why a 2001 330I BMW would overheat?
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