What are the regional Capitals of Norway?

Norway has something you could call regional Capitals, based on -in my view- a somewhat fictive division by geographical region. These are Oslo (East), Kristiansand (South), Bergen (West), Trondheim (Middle), and Tromsø (North).

Much more tangible are the capitals of Norway's 19 counties:

1. Sarpsborg (Østfold)

2. Oslo (Akershus)

3. Oslo (Oslo) (these are normally seen as one county called Oslo-Akershus)

4. Hamar (Hedmark)

5. Lillehammer (Oppland)

6. Drammen (Buskerud)

7. Tønsberg (Vestfold)

8. Skien (Telemark)

9. Arendal (Aust-Agder)

10. Kristiansand (Vest-Agder)

11. Stavanger (Rogaland)

12. Bergen (Hordaland)

13. --- (The templars really soiled a perfectly good number...)

14. Leikanger (Sogn og Fjordane)

15. Molde (Møre og Romsdal)

16. Trondheim (Sør-Trøndelag)

17. Steinkjer (Nord-Trøndelag)

18. Bodø (Nordland)

19. Tromsø (Troms)

20. Vadsø (Finnmark)