What are the religions in Paris France?

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The main religion in France, includingits capital Paris, is Roman Catholicism.

The French government doesn't keep statistics on race or religion, (they are in fact forbidden) but it is estimated that around 65% of French people describe themselves as Roman Catholic, although only around 10% of these attend church.
Muslims make up between 7 to 10% of the population, Protestantism and Judaism make up to 1% each.
The remainder is made up of people describing themselves as atheists, or non-religious.
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What can you do in Paris France?

You can: See the Eiffel Tower, L'Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Louvre museum, Versailles palace, the Garnier Opera House, the Catacombs, Tour Montparnasse, Musee d'Orsay, Tuileries Gardens ...and much more.

What is the religion in France?

The primaryreligion in France is Roman Catholicism (83%-88% of people identifyas such). Two percent of the French identify as Protestant and onepercent as Jewish.

Where is Paris France?

Paris is located near/on/along the Seine River in northern France.. If you want a better description, you can always of course use "Google" or "Yahoo" or some type of seach engine on the internet and search for a map of France.. That's all you need to know or do.. Bye and Good Luck!. --Linette. ( Full Answer )

Religions of France?

France is 80% catholic 15% Muslim and 5% protestant. One more religion is YO MAMA!!! which is 100%

What is the distance from Calais France to Paris France?

ViaMichelin quotes the distance as 296km (184 miles), with nearly all of that distance (289km = 180 miles) being on motorways. The motorway tolls add up to 18.50 euros and the estimated journey time is quoted as 2 hours 56 minutes. In practice, I'd allow extra time for finding your final destination ( Full Answer )

Where is Paris France located in the country?

France is a relatively large nation with a diverse climate, with awarm southern coast and cooler, temperate northern region. Paris islocated in northern France.

Who founded Paris France?

The permanent occupation of the zone is traced back to around 4200 BC. The Gaulish tribe of the Parisii (who gave its name to the French capital) inhabited the area from around 250 BC It became prosperous under the Roman dominance and was first established as a capital in 508 AD.

Major landforms in Paris France?

the major landforms of paris is the river which is called the river of Siene and maybe Montamere hill

Where in France is Paris?

Paris is located north of the center of France, about 200km beneath the border with Belgium.

Where is Paris in France?

Paris is north of the centre of France, 200 km below the border with Belgium.

Is Paris in France?

Yes, Paris is in France, and is a very popular city. France is located in Europe. There is also a city in Texas named Paris, but the well known one is located in France, Europe.

In France where is Paris?

Paris is upper North of the country . In fact I would say it is pretty much in the up top , and in the middle . They call that area of France 'Ile de France' , meaning 'Island of France' . I'm not quite certain why they call it that though .

Is religion important in Paris France?

It is possible to practice many religions in France. The French Revolution and the Constitution have established the separation of Church and State and, large majority of the French, are attached to this fact. Religious practice is a private matter. Debates we animate currently (February 2010) t ( Full Answer )

Is London in Paris and is Paris in France?

No, London is the capital city of England/United Kingdom and Paris is the capital city in France. England is a separate country off the coast of France; and is within the United Kingdom.

Pictures of snow in Paris France?

a Google.fr image search with the words Paris + neige returns 252,000 results. The picture site Flickr.com returns more than 9,000 with the tags neige + Paris (you can also use the tag snow)

Places to go in Paris France?

The Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Sacré-Cœur, Jardin duLuxembourg, Versailles, Notre Dame and many, many other places.

What countries are close to Paris France?

Paris being a city, it would have been sufficient to ask for the countries close to France itself. France (and Paris)'s closest neighbours are: _United Kingdom _Belgium _Luxembourg _Germany _Switzerland _Italy _Monaco _Spain _Andorra

What is the diameter of Paris France?

Paris has not really a round shape. It is about 7 km from South to North (in a beeline) and 10 from East to West. Paris has not really a round shape. It is about 7 km from South to North (in a beeline) and 10 from East to West.

What are nice stores in Paris France?

There are hundreds of nice shops and stores in Paris. One of the largest department stores is Galleries Lafayette (40 Boulevard Haussmann). A nice 'freebie' here is that you can go up to the 8th floor and there is an open-air viewing area that is great for photographers. Au Printemps is a neig ( Full Answer )

Is the mayor of Paris France gay?

Yes he is openly gay, he's not a true activist but when it's about politics nobody cares in franve wether you're married or not, gay, jew or whatever as long as they do the job and since private and public life are really distinct there.

How far is Montpellier from Paris France?

The road distance between Montpellier and Paris is 750 km (465 mi) and the driving time is 6h40. The distance as the crow flies is 596 km (370 mi)

What is Paris France industry?

Despite the fact that Industry in Ile-de-france is the first in amount and employement, Paris and its suburbs are one of the less industrialized region of france. Industry represents only 15 % of the employement the main industries are Car building (Renault and Peugeot) Aerospatial building (EADS, ( Full Answer )

What is the climate zone of Paris France?

The climate zone for Paris, France is..................... Moist Mid Latitude - mild winters, & it has hot, humid summers and mild winters.

How far is Marseille France to Paris France?

The road distance from Marseille to Paris is 776 km (482 miles). The driving time is 6H45. The distance as the crow flies is 661 km or 411 miles.

Is Paris important to the rest of France?

Yes. It is the capital city (and had been for most of the past fifteen centuries), so government offices and major companies are based here. It is also the most populated and the busiest French town, and a major tourist destination.

Is Big Ben in Paris France?

yes, big ben is in paris france and it is said to be one of the lagrest clock towers in the world - Candice Murray

Who made Paris capital of France?

Kim Kardashian made paris the cpital of france in 1769, no joke it's the truth!! I was suprised when i found out too!

How far is Evian France from Paris France?

590 miles taking this route: . Take A6 LYON, from Paris, to A40 GENÈVE. . Take A40 to the road to THONON-ÉVIAN at SORTIE (EXIT) 15. . From there follow signs to ÉVIAN. (from A40: D903 to D1208, and then D1208 to D1005, and then D1005 directly to ÉVIAN.

What are the two major religions in Paris France?

The main religions of France are: Roman Catholic 85%, Muslim 10%, Protestant 2%, and Jewish 1%. If agnosticism (non-believers) were a religion, it would be the second one. There are no official statistics for religion practice and race origins in France; these figures are the result of the 2011 ( Full Answer )

Does Paris France have states?

No, Paris in France does not have states. No, Paris in France does not have states. No, Paris in France does not have states. No, Paris in France does not have states. No, Paris in France does not have states. No, Paris in France does not have states. No, Paris in France does not have states. ( Full Answer )